El Yeso Dam

Tanushree Das
We could not visit the hot spring because of snow blocking the roads instead we went to the El Yeso Dam - a pristine blue colored lake surrounded by impeccable snow covered peaks. Even the drive till El Yeso is so beautiful that you will have a hard time figuring out the best stops for photography. The car doesn't reach till the end spot so you have to trek about 2 kms, which will be an experience in itself. We reached early so had a chance to trek all by ourselves enjoying the blissful, tranquil walk up the hills, a place where 'white' was the only color that prevailed. I remember how awestruck I was to see only and only flashy white colored mountains surrounding me, as if they outstretched the horizon. After walking for a while, we reached the lake. I just stood there for moments admiring the fact that how nature's perfections bring so much peace to my mind. It was such a silent and blissful moment that all I could hear was the whooshing sound of wind and all I could see was the blue color of the lake against white backdrop of gigantic mountains.I saw many people carry wine and some finger food to sit across the lake and enjoy a meal in nature's bounty. We were lucky to get the perfect weather so didn't have to rent jackets but boots are a must because there are spots where your feet will be completely submerged in chunks of snow.