José Victorino Lastarria

Tanushree Das
For the evening, we went Lastarria - the much talked about beautiful neighborhood. Typically, all Latin American cities have a few decked up, fancy neighborhoods and for Santiago it is Lastarria and Bellavista. It is more of a lane filled with casual/fine dining restaurants, coffee houses, and bars, all of them brilliantly lit up amidst the hustle bustle of night life. There is also a small patch of the lane where you can see artists display their work or painting beautiful portraits. Besides, the grandeur of the street and restaurants will give you a hard time deciding on the place to dine. It has both budget-friendly and fancy restaurants. Make sure to walk down till the end of the lane where there is snazzy, gorgeous little square surrounded by fancy restaurants. It might be a little crowded but you can't truly enjoy night life without a spirited crowd, good food, and ambiance. We had the famous Chilean Salmon in Lastarria, which was drizzled with honey making it even more delectable.