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Cafe Shillong

3) Cafe Shillong Heritage:Nothing can beat this cafe. Opened up by the Prince of Tripura, and set away from the city, in the hills and being surrounded by coniferous trees,the place is perfect to stop by and enjoy the weather over a cup of coffee and spend some time by yourself reading a book and finding yourself in the lap of nature.Don't miss out on this one. The outdoor seating and the view- no restaurant or cafe can beat this combo apart from Sa-I-Mika in Cherrapunji. Though both of them have a different touch and feel of the ambience around you to leave you mesmerized with the view that nature has got to offer along with some good food to nibble onto.
If you are not sure of where to hang, just close your eyes and head to this cafè. There is somethings about this pace, which even though located on the main Laitmukhrah street, is so peaceful. We love sitting outside and watching the city go by.Recommendation: Nasi Goreng here is to die for. They serve local delicacies as well.
Aakanksha Magan
Christopher Jacob
After an eventful day in Cherappunjee, we returned to Shillong. We roamed in the city for a while, exploring the local shops. When we started the trip, we were determined to visit Cafe Shillong. This was the day. By evening we found ourselves sitting in Cafe Shillong. One must visit this Cafe if you are visiting Shillong. It's a must-see. With lively ambience, humble staff, and mouth-watering food, Cafe Shillong will leave a mark on your heart, if you are foodie.
Next we were to go to Laitlum, but since sun was about to set we were advised it would not be fruitful. So we tried famous cafe of shillong. Cafe Shillong is must visit on weekends. You would be able to experience wonderful live music with good food.