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Don Bosco Museum

After lunch, we went to Don Bosco museum which displays complete cultural heritage of North East states. The museum is vast and there are no. of shows if one is interested. There is a sky deck on top of the building from which you can get panoramic view of Shillong city. End of Day.
Shruti Jain
Interested in knowing about the seven sisters of north east, then this is the place for you. You will get the representation of all the states and get to know about their people and culture under one roof. The whole museum is spread across different floors where each floor provides you information about different things related to seven sisters like: Politics, Culture, food, lifestyle etc. And and and don’t miss the sky walk on the terrace which gives you a 360 view of entire Shillong.
Aditya Samadhiya
DAY 3Don Bosco Museum, Shillong
Darshan H. Ranpara
We then reached Don Bosco Museum. The entry fee was Rs.50/person. Inside, there was a big board showing Sonia Gandhi's photo and her comment on the Museum visit. Don Bosco is considered as the best museum representing an entire state culture at a same place. The museum is a 5 storey building with collection and perfect explanation about Khasi, Garo and Jaintia Hills. After 2 long hours, we then went to next spot which was the Church. We took some very nice clicks of Church from outside and then went in to pray Jesus Christ in a completely silent environment of the Church. We then skipped the Lady Hydari park & passed through Golf course which was no more scenic looking as it appeared in Google pics while planning our journey. The driver was very generous, so he took us to Shri Rabindranath Tagore's residence again which we had missed due to the assembly meeting.
Dominic Liang
This place captures sentiments of all the different cultures of the indigenous people of the north east. An informative place with beautiful photographs and artifacts showcasing the different histories. I could write a whole lot on this place itself but would let some pictures above do the talking. If interested, a day's dedication would be required.