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Mawphlang Sacred Forest

anshul akhoury
Note – David Scott Trail is one of the most well preserved and historic trekking routes in Meghalaya. If you plan a trip here, only contact local guides to support their livelihood. Avoid bringing plastics and throwing them on the trail.David Scott Trail, as the name suggests, is named after the British Administrator, David Scott. He was stationed here as a British officer when he discovered this route in the first half of 1800s. The trail was originally used as a mule track for travelling from Assam to Bangladesh. The original trail is more than 100 km long and passed through the gorgeous terrains of Eastern Khasi Hills. It takes 5 to 6 days to complete.
Harsh Singh
This trail caused a war between the Khasi people, led by U Tirot Singh, king of the Khadsawphra Syiemship and the British. After four years of guerrilla-warfare style fighting, the Khasi forces were defeated by British muskets, artillery and superior military strength. U Tirot Singh was captured and deported to Dhaka (now the capital of Bangladesh) where he died on the 17th July 1835."I was reading the history of David Scott trail, while the cab moved out of the city traffic and sprinted towards Mawphlang, the village which marks the starting point of David Scott trail, a 17km hike through spectacular scenery.
Abha Singh
Mawphlang is a village about 25 kilometres from Shillong. It is known for its sacred forest area .. a destination for a nature lover…
Radhika Changoiwalla
During a recent North East India road trip, we stumbled upon a small Khasi village called Mawphlang, where we treaded into an 800 year old sacred forest which was untamed, beautiful, and definitely worth the visit.
Neehar Mishra
The tribes of Meghalaya are known for their efforts to preserve the natural beauty, flora and fauna of the state, and the best example of their dedication to the cause is the Maphlawng Sacred Grove, a dense, sprawling forest with a smattering of ancient Buddhist monoliths. The forest is completely silent save for the chirping of birds and buzzing of insects, displaying every shade of green you can possible imagine. It has a quiet, supernatural vibe about it, which makes you think that you have walked straight into the Forbidden Forest from the Harry Potter books. No one is permitted to pluck or kill anything that lives in this forest.