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ML 05 Cafe

5) ML 05 Cafe:It's located in Shillong near Eastern Air Command. The ambiance is outstanding and the staff very polite and their service way quick. The Royal Enfield adds to the interior. This one also gives a view out-looking at the coniferous trees. I appreciate the creative minds behind the interior and also for the innovative name which stands for Meghalaya (ML) followed by the registration no. (05).It offers Italian food with some lip smacking maggi (which every hill station has a speciality at) and a variety of pastries and drinks(hot/cold) to choose from their menu.
Siva Ilankumaran
ML 05 is a popular cafe in Shillong. Pit stopped there before continuing to Cherrapunjee. Location, ambiance and food are just spellbound. It will take approximately 2 hours to reach Cherrapunjee from Shillong.
ML 05 This is a breathtaking wonder! Situated amidst lush greenery, every picture taken at this cafe is instagrammable. Named after the local vehicle registration number, this cafè exudes charm and cuteness. Located in the outskirts of Shillong, ML05 is a bikers' and travellers paradise.
Akshansh Singh
Finding this one was a bit hard as it was already 8 P.M. and this one is located outside the city, that too inside the woods, so if you don't find it in one go just don't get depressed and keep looking and most important do not doubt on what google map says, follow it and you will reach there. As I already said we were late when we reached there, it was almost time for it to get close, so there was not much of a choice left from the menu, actually there was no choice left except for hot chocolate. But as we were there and the ambiance was too good to leave so we ordered that in order to spent more time there, and in about 30 minutes or so we left that place and started moving back to city. Now comes the biggest and most difficult task of the day, to find a hotel. Now in Shillong if you want you can get a room for 5,000 as well and 500 as well, but for travelers with low budget Shree Rajasthan Vishram Bhawan is the best place to stay. It has both Ac and Non-Ac rooms and that to at a reasonable price, also you can get good food to if you want. With this the first day of our road trip came to an end.
Aakanksha Magan