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Police Bazar

Nitish Hardeniya
Police Bazaar was crowded with people shopping and eating. I drank evening tea and went to the MTDC office to enquire about Dawki. Luckily, I got a call back from them later in the evening saying they will be doing a guided tour in Dawki. It was good for me as taking a personal cab is quite costly for a solo traveller. I had my dinner at Cafe Shillong and went to sleep for my next day's adventure.
Siva Ilankumaran
The same day returned to Shillong. The drive from Dawki to Shillong will take 3 or 3.5 hours. The police bazaar is a famous shopping place in Shillong. It is the busiest place in Shillong.
Shruti Jain
Firstly this place is all flooded with great hotels and also the major shopping spots. So if you are looking to stay in Shillong with a great connectivity, then Police Bazaar has to be on your itinerary. Whether you are looking to buy that perfect ghost chilli pickle or the perfect pair of boots, Police bazaar has all of it. Plus, it’s only 10min away from the Ward Lake.
Kajal Agrawal
After reaching Shillong, I was tired as hell. So I did a mistake, that so as to avoid hustle bustle of finding hotel, I went to nearby hotel, Pegasus Crown, which charged around 4500 rs. It was too expensive, since you will feel overcharged by the price , when compared to the facilities provided. The only thing, I like about it was the view from the window.
Harsh Singh
I woke up to find Sun shining proudly in my face. The clouds appeared to have thinned over the night and it promised to be a bright day. I decided not to judge the weather and rebooted to start the day. The plan was to move towards Nongriat, a village in the East Khasi hills, 12 kms from Cherrapunji. On my first trip to Police Bazaar the previous day, I had realized that moving around Meghalaya was not a cheap affair. Luckily, I met a couple of travelers in Ward's Lake who were also planning to travel to Cherrapunji. Our itinerary differed a little but we decided to sort it out en route. Police Bazaar was a calm walk 20 minutes downhill from Shillong dormitory. I glanced at the copy of Meghalaya Guardian that I had picked up near dormitory. The first page was dominated by the news of local elections in Ampati. The main spot taken up by news of scuffles between fringe elements, while other subjects were pushed aside. At the bottom I spotted the news - Monsoons to hit Kerala 3 days early. The news was about South west monsoons. I wished the same for the other branch as well, which was more likely to be the first to hit Meghalaya.