Alisha Nanda
We reached Shillong after a 4 hour drive grabbing a bite here and there of the authentic northeastern cuisine and enjoying the Punjabi folk music that Bishu played for us. It was 7 but the sun was gone already to take his goodnight sleep. Negotiating with traffic of the hill station we reached its heart in a place beyond our imagination. It was one of the best Bnb places I had ever been too. Tucked on the top of a hill this house was majestic bungalow with open arms. The owners were extremely friend and in our 5 day stay with them we did connect with them at a deeper level. Especially the little boy who became my new found friend in the Scotland of the north-east. Contact details - Polo Hills, near Golf Club, Pynthormukhrah, Shillong Contact Person: Anthony 08794707022