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Ward's Lake

Shruti Jain
Apart from being one of the major spot for festival hosting, Ward Lake offers serene view to travellers. Try the Bamboo Hut Lake cafe in the compound of Ward lake where you can binge on local food and enjoy the view at the same time. You can also get a picture done in ‘Khasi attire’ and trust me it looks beautiful.
Aditya Samadhiya
Language plays a major role as people in Shillong know neither English nor Hindi, they just know Khasi. After struggling for almost 3 hours, searching lanes and corners of Shillong, I ended up visiting ward’s lake and Police Bazaar which is main maket in Shillong. I was supposed to go to the Elephant Falls and Shillong Peak, but I ditched the plan as everything was going against my plan, taxis were asking very high prices and I thought to do bit more research for my days here.
Kajal Agrawal
Next morning, at around 9:00 am, I left for ward’s lake, which is around at a distance of 1-1.2 km from police bazaar. Believe me, it so calm and peaceful to be there. You can spot fishes and ducks in lake. You can opt for boating, have a walk over there. Then you can go to the café there, which serves various types of dishes.
Sanghita Nandi
23rd May 2011, Monday: By the second day, I was totally fit thanks to my hunger to explore places and thus, convinced my father, who was accompanying me, to spend the day out. As we were staying at Police Bazaar, the closest place to visit would have been the Wards Lake. But we decided to skip that and rather visited the Golf Link. Shillong's golf course is one of the largest in Asia, the wettest one in the world and also, India's first 18 holes golf course. Dotted with pine trees all around, it looked just like paradise and offered a panoramic view of the Shillong City.
Harsh Singh
Ward's Lake in the heart of Shillong is a beautiful getaway. Bustling with colors, suspicious ducks and perpetually high parrots roamed aroundthe green carpet, fishes moving slowly near the surface of the water, the place was enchanting. Though a major attraction in the city, the compound was sparsely occupied. I took refuge here for a couple of hours, reading few pages from Meghdoot by Kalidasa - Story of a Yaksha who was cursed to be separated from his wife for an year. The Yaksha is talking to his brother, the clouds, requesting him to be his messenger to his wife. The literal transition of Meghdoot is "Cloud Messenger".The clouds which were threatening us a few hours earlier, appeared to have been subsided by then. It was 5 in the evening. The semi naked sky was blushing pink. I was strolling towards Shillong dormitory, the place which was to be my base for the next few days.
Prajakta Satpute
Proceed further to the Ward's Lake which is a must visit on your Shillong itinerary. It is surrounded by lush green lawns on all sides and is located in the center of the city. This artificial lake also known as Pollock’s Lake or Nan Polok is more than 100 years old. There is a bridge over the Ward’s Lake that looks straight out of a storybook. This is a very nice place to spend some "Me Time" feeding the fishes and birds in the lake. The boat ride on the lake gives you a pleasant time with your friends and family.Timings: November – February - 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM, March – October - 8:30 AM - 7:00 PMEntry Fees: Rs. 10/- per headBoating Charges: Rs. 25 /- per head for 30 mins.
Prajakta Satpute
Don't miss to get yourself clicked in the traditional Khasi attire of Meghalaya. For women, the traditional costume is known as Jainsen. This unstitched garment is made of mulberry silk which is cultivated in Meghalaya locally and is worn around the body. The traditional Khasi male dress is a Jymphong, a longish sleeveless coat without collar, fastened by thongs in front.Cost: Rs. 50/- per head
Sohinee Basu
Wards Lake:It is a man made lake, which is named after Sir William Ward, the then Chief Commissioner of Assam. This is one of the popular attractions of here. There is also a botanical garden that boasts of several orchids along with a number of other floral species. In the middle of the lake is a wooden bride from where you can enjoy a lovely views of the Lake. Boating is also available here.Personally, I felt like, if on a tight schedule one can give this a miss.Timings:November – February- 8:30 am till 5:30 pmMarch – October- 8:30 am till 7:00 pm
Abha Singh
Ward's lake : this is a must visit while in shillong. you will see beautiful colorful flowers here including lotus buds
Mukul Bansal
After Shillong Peak, we proceeded to the beautiful Wards Lake. It is a must visit place in Shillong. The lake is named after the then Chief Commissioner of Assam, Sir William Ward.
Akshansh Singh
So we finally reached Shillong, where after our breakfast we went to Wards Lake and spent a little time there, but as Shillong was not our final destination we began our search for another taxi which will take us to Cherrapunji.
Altafuddin Sk
Wards Lake: When everyone was busy getting ready in the morning and waiting for the cab to visit Mawlynnong village, I was already returning from Ward's Lake which is really a divine place to visit early morning. It is amazing when you start your journey with such beautiful place where you can say "good morning" to the strangers and run with them to warm yourself up or you can just sit and enjoy the peace and click some beautiful pictures.