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This mountain in the Shivamoga Region is one of the most spoken about treks of Karnataka. There are two temples of the Mookambika Devi and the Adi Shankara Temple on top of the peak. These temples are both covered in between dense and misty forests and this is also an adventure when you visit these. There are two routes that you can choose from while trekking here- One is the Karekatte and the other is the Marekuttaka. The views and beauty around is wonderful and it is like a nature trail cum adventure trip here.
Kodachadri Mountain- One can trek 11km one way or take a Jeep ride to the peak. As we have a kid with us, we opted for the Jeep ride from the resort itself. Many people head to the peak to view sunrise as the gates of Mookambika wildlife sanctuary opens at 6 am.This often leads to traffic jams at the peak. We decided to have a hearty breakfast and then start as it was a rainy day and sun god was hiding behind the dark clouds.The Forest guard checked covid vaccination certificate at the entrance and then allowed our jeep. You have to show ID cards, jeep permit at the gate as well. Once done with the paper work, the roller coaster ride started. I can very well say that no amusement park in the world can match to this thrilling ride. The lashing rains, raw mountain steep rocky path, muddy puddles , multiple waterfalls/streams on the way, fog and reduced visibility made us wonder -"Only Mahindra jeeps (majority of these are not 4x4!!) can make it to the top and hats off to the driving skills of these drivers, who charge just Rs2000."
Hemant Khandagale
Kodachadri Trek : This trek falls in the Shivamoga region of Karnataka. This trek is of 14km and the highlight of this trek is the ungarded waterfall which make the place unique for trekkers and travelers from Bangalore. its said the Peak was a meditating ground for Shri Shankaracharya and so does the small temple refers too.
Left from Bangalore on Friday night.
Vikram Mn
We reached the peak in sometime which had a temple. We saw the guy going past the temple to a point where blogs mentioned that Arabian Sea would be visible. But we lost the sight of him and returned back to the temple point and had our lunch. The usual bread and cheese along with Tea, as there was a tea shop there.