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This mountain in the Shivamoga Region is one of the most spoken about treks of Karnataka. There are two temples of the Mookambika Devi and the Adi Shankara Temple on top of the peak. These temples are both covered in between dense and misty forests and this is also an adventure when you visit these. There are two routes that you can choose from while trekking here- One is the Karekatte and the other is the Marekuttaka. The views and beauty around is wonderful and it is like a nature trail cum adventure trip here.
anshul akhoury
Kodachadri – The 1343 meters hgh peak is one of the popular hiking trails of The Western Ghats. Located in between dense jungles this trail is best known for its flora and fauna. The route is filled with natural beauty and rare sights of birds and reptiles that are only found in this region.
Prathap Javagal
I decided to go to kodachadri peak on early morning 5Am, beacuse it gets crowded from the check post. The security people allowed me to ride at 5:40 am, due to some safety reasons. I reached PWD house at 6:10 am and I parked my bike there. I started trekking from that place and got a chance to see the first ray of the sun.
Sreshti Verma
Difficulty: ModerateDuration: 4-5 hoursBase Camp: Karekatte (458km from Bangalore)The trek to Kodachari Hill's peak offers several trails to interested climbers; such as the one from Karekatte, which is a simpler and more scenic ascent, another from Sampekatte, which is slightly tougher to climb and then from Marakuttaka, which goes through the Hidlumane Falls. The trek starts from Karekatte, which conveniently falls on the Nittur-Kollur road.To know more about how to reach Karekatte from Bangalore, nature of the trail and details about getting back, read Usha Hariprasad's complete guide to the trek here.
sagar sakre
With the elevation of 1343 mtrs Kodachadri is considered to be 10th Highest peak in Karnataka, clothed with green Shola forest and thick forest. and offers an immense landscape view.4. Tadiandamol Trek
Avilasha Sarmah
5. KodachadriLocated on the Shimoga District of Karnataka, the Kodachadri Peak stands out for the aesthetic view of the sunset across the Arabian Sea. Embedded in a spiritual essence, with the legends encircling the mountain, the Kodachadri Peak is one of the highest peaks of Karnataka.
Shoaib Mohammed
We reached the base of kodachadri by 2 pm. I was confused about the entry of bikes to the road uphill. But nothing stopped us. We went with full fledge enthusiasm in our mind. The road was a new chapter in our whole ride coz I hadn't feeled anything like that in my whole life. It was quirky off road track with sand stones and roaks whole over.unluckliy midway my bikes fuse gone out and we were dumbstruck. I actually figured out the problem fast and started the bike again and the engine heat got high so fast taht it was unable to handle the bike uphill again. So I parked my bike midway and got on my friends bike and reached uphill after lots of dilemma.we were exhausted by that time and we decided not to take the route uphill by walking. So w e returned to the base. It took us 4 hours to cover 14 km. As it was 6 pm our next agenda was to find a place for stay. Google maps showed a place called theerthahally. But the root was not figured coz of the underdeveloped Karnataka. Since leaving jog falls mobile signals was mere unknown. Kumar (a local man) helped us with the route. But I was having the feeling that he was going to kidnap us and he was a robber. But the route was good. We had no idea about the surroundings of the road we travelled. And at last we reached a T junction. I was in the front travelling at 80kmph and the other 2 following me. And the T junction was a night mare. Just a second gave me the idea about the road and my brakes was full on. The tires created a straight line. I bumbed into the filed up ahead and luckily I was okay. After a bit a lorry passed through that state highway and I thanked God for my life. After a chit chat with locals and their questions about our trip we headed to theerthahally. A bit of a city was that place.we found a hotel and sleepiness was all over us by that time. Day 3:
The Travellist
Are you the one who loves to take the road not taken? Do you believe that journey is much more fun? Ever climbed a 60 degrees's slope mountain? Got a bite from a leech? Come experience all this and much more. Since the semester was coming to an end and college would be over soon. We wanted a trip that should be a mix of food, trek and fun. Thus we headed to one of the best place to trek in Southern Karnataka, Kodachadri Hill.
kodachadri is probably one of those places which has just 1 requirement : lot of guts , a daring heart.started from shimoga in a taxi shared by 8 people , it cost us about 200 rupees both ways.we reached the base of kodachadri peak at about 10am.you have 2 options after reaching there1) to trek for about 12kms , which will possible be the best ot worst experience of your life . best when in big groups and with someone who has been there and done that already.2) to board a jeep from there which ll cost you 200 per person . it is a tremendous ride . the roads will remind you of heaven and back , or should i say hell and back . they will drop you till the maximum point which is 3 kms away from the peak. the trek is pretty amazing.you will find multiple water falls and spots of magnificient scenic beauty. it was raining throughout when we trekked and the soil was lose and slippery. wear comfortable shoes and be very careful . you wont find human contact for kilometeres to go if lost . so dont go unprepared.when you reach the peak there is a small temple there , and nothing else and trust me it adds to the beauty of it. the clouds passing through you give a sense of vhill like no other . for miles across the horizon you see nothing but a blend of green and white . lush green trees and valleys with the snowy white mountains that decorate them.we spent about 3 hours just looking at the place (and detaching the leeches). carry vaseline and salt to get rid of the leeches. the descent is a bit more scarier than the ascent . but the adrenaline rush is like no other . my other group of friends were lost for a day and lost all hopes of making it that night. so if you are a junkie looking for an out of the world experience you have found your place .
There are different routes to reach the Peak of Kodachadri and the difficulty varies highly with respect to the route chosen. However it is challenging to reach the peak in monsoon due to heavy rains that make the routes slippery. Kodachadri receives an annual rain fall of 500 cm to 750 cm and it rains for about eight months in a year.
Kodachadri is a mountain peak with dense forests (elevation - 1,343 meters above sea level) in the Western Ghats in South India (Shimoga Dist. Karnataka State). It is declared as natural heritage site by Government Karnataka and it is 10th highest peak of Karnataka.
Vachana Shetty
From here we started the almost 4 to 5 hours of steep uphill climb to reach Kodachadri peak with not many breaks. This was my first 2 day 1 night trek – Which meant heavy backpack with sleeping bag, poncho, extra water bottles, food, clothes etc. The bag was heavy, the mountain steep and end was nowhere in sight. So we kept hiking, chit chatting when we could gasp a breath, pushing ourselves to greater heights.. literally!Very close to the peak, there were vendors selling, cucumber, watermelon, churmuri, groundnuts. We gobbled them all :). As we reached the Kodachadri peak, we saw co-trekkers, sitting at cliffs and waiting for the much spoken about sunset. The sun threw different colours on the mountains giving us the much-needed relief after a hard day’s trek! The moon on the other side looked gorgeous on an almost full moon night giving us enough light to walk up to our camping spot.On reaching a small plateau, we started the big task of setting up a community tent. I call it that coz 12-13 people slept inside this one tent. Organizers had carried ropes and tarpaulins and with the help of the entire group, a tent was built. And before I knew, majority of them were inside and ready to sleep. And it was only 8 PM. Rest of us, sitting outside definitely did not want to sleep this early and hence started playing Mafia, a game well explained by Girish and played even better by the rest of us. The game requires you to be sly, strategic and manipulative and we tried our best to be all of that. Most of us failed and some did phenomenally well!The night was bad for me. It was very windy, tent loud because of the wind and very little place to sleep. I am not sure how long I slept for but I definitely woke up 5 to 6 times with an imagination of some animal or worse, some stranger at our camp site.Morning started at 5:30 with Patrick’s voice waking all of us up. We quickly packed our sleeping bags, rolled up the tarpaulins and ropes and walked towards another mountain for the sunrise. The view was beautiful and I will let these pictures do the talking.We soon started our descend and headed towards Batrumane where a few of us stopped for tea. You would expect longer breaks on a trek this long, but no they were really short ones. The descend took us about 2 hours. We stopped at Santosh Hotel where we had our breakfast and packed Lemon Rice for lunch.
Vachana Shetty
By the time I finished Kodachadri, I realized how much more there is to do when it comes to building my endurance, to become stronger mentally and physically. So far, none of my treks demanded so much out of me as much as Kodachadri did. But, I loved it. I loved every bit of pain in my body, loved every step taken towards a new experience.
Achal Gupta
When I first visited Kodachadri in December 2012, I was unable to climb uptil the top due to time constraints and other issues, that is when I decided that I would be back someday to complete the task. A while later, I encountered a couple of guys who wanted to go to Koda by road on bikes and I wasn’t able to resist or say no to this offer and the adventure began! The essentials of this trip are a sleeping bag, a tent and a first aid kit.We left for the roadtrip at 3 am on Saturday morning.
Raj Abhishek
How/Where To Go: Hop on your ride, get the hell out of Bangalore, and start driving towards this small hamlet called Kattinahole; nestled in the Western Ghats in Shimoga district. Kattinahole will be your base camp, and the trail starts from here. A good 450 kms from Bangalore, it had taken an entire night for our Tempo Traveler bus to reach there. These rides are a far cry from any sort of comfort ( read, cramped seating ), but most of the time you'll find yourself in one of these ; being the only travel option provided by trek companies ( I had taken this trip through BMC; Bangalore Mountaineering Club ).At least our ride wasn't bumpy during the night; while the next morning enchanted us with views of greenery all around. I could not help but notice that we were actually passing a jungle ( perhaps the Shettihalli wildlife sanctuary through which the route winds itself ). And yes, the wind on our face was much cooler than when we had left Bangalore. The morning started to weave it's magic on me, and soon my eyes were all but open ( not that I had had a sound sleep anyway ), trying to enjoy the views around me. My nostrils were happy too, taking in all the fresh air that they could !Where to Stay/Eat: Soon, our ride wound it's way in to our home stay, and we had some time to freshen-up and have our breakfast. It looked like a basic home-stay ( read, common bed-halls, common toilets, a good enough dining area, and very basic but fresh food ). I did see a few individual rooms as well though. This place is called 'Kodachadri Hallimane Home Stay' ( 9632549169 ; 9482352368 ; www.gokodachadri.com ). I saw a few other home stays nearby, so looks like there's no dearth of them here, and they may as well be the chief economic activity of this place ( I read that somewhere ).We parked our luggage wherever we could, and got ready for the trek soon after. The trek starting point is pretty close from this place, and can as well be walked over to. Your home stay guys should be able to arrange a guide for you, but this needs to be confirmed before hand I'm sure. We were with BMC, so no worries !
Aditya Sen
INFO: Kodachadri is the 10th highest mountain peak of Karnataka at 1343 meters above the sea level. Situated in the middle of the Mookambika National Park and considered as a biodiversity hot spot, it is home to several endemic and endangered species of flora and fauna. It is located around 110 kms from Manipal and 15 kms from Kollur in the heart of western ghats.
Akhil Bhat
It was close to 4:30 P.M. To be frank I had lost count of hours since it was the least of my concerns then. The winding jeep tracks were boring after having trekked through the forests, but they did provide us breath-taking views of misty covered hills and forests and gorges and guest houses. We went to a temple atop the Kodachadri Peak, had some snacks and were on our way back to base camp. It starts raining very heavily and rain coat was no protection either but now we hardly cared about anything. We had conquered Kodachadri and were joyous of that fact. We reached the base camp at around 6:30 P.M
Akhil Bhat
Ever since I had conquered the toughest mountain climb of South India Kumara Parvata, I was planning for another affair with mountains. And barely a month later I was up for Kodachadri. From what I heard was that this trek would be a cake's walk in comparison to KP, it wasn't supposed to be. It was challenging with rains, leeches and steep climbs adding to the challenge which I thoroughly enjoyed and I guess at the end of the day we all enjoyed.
Vaisakh Somanath
Abhirup Sarkar
Kodachadri, I came to know about this place from my bikers group BangaloreBikers. Instead of riding this time, I thought to visit the place and make it more exciting by trekking to the peak. BangaloreAdevturers gave me the wonderful opportunity by organizing a 3 days outing to Kodachadri, Bheemeswara and Jog falls. All of the places was unseen to me so without any hesitation I jumped in.Day - 0The planned meeting point was Majestic bus stop, we were total 10 trekkers along with lead Gururaj headed for Kodachadri. The route was Bangalore - Tumkur - Simoga - Sagar - kodachandri.Day – 1We reached our first day home stay around 7am, It was a nice place surrounded by greenery. The whole night travelling was a little hectic but that didn’t loosen the excitement of trekking for us. After freshen up and quick breakfast of lemon rice around 9.30 we had a quick brief and stated for Kodachadri peak. It was a 10Km one-way trek with around 1000m elevation. We started our trek following the Jeep trail first and after around a km we switched to a jungle trail.After some 3 km or trek through the forest we reached a plane land where 1-2 huts where there. It was first break point, refreshing butter milk was served there. After few mins of break we continued. Monsoon trek in forest is incomplete without leech bites. The jungle was full of leeches and they were so happy to see us that they just keep climbing on us. The jungle trail was quite stiff and we kept panting every few steps. After struggling through the narrow forest trail and fighting with the leeches, we reached the bugyal part and the view was worth the pain. The amazing view of hilltops and clouds floating around was a pleasure to eyes. It was a definite place for photo break, all started click! Click! Click! on phone or camera whichever was around.When we reached the PWD guesthouse, which is the only shelter nearest to the peak, it was way past midday. Our lunch was arranged at the guesthouse only. The simple rice and sumbar tasted too delicious after such a trek. Post lunch we started for the peak, which was not much a distance and reached around 3pm. There was a temple on the top, surrounding view was covered with clouds. After some photo shoots, we sat calmly looking towards the horizon, embracing the beauty of nature.When we started to come down it was almost 4.30pm. This time we took the jeep trail to avoid Jungle in the evening time and after around 2 hours of exhausted trek we came back to our base.After dinner we had a small campfire, but we were all too tired for some activity so all went to bed early and sooner than thinking about the day I fell asleep.Day -2
Vachana Shetty
good adventure wild hill
Achal Gupta
After a very difficult bike ride and a stressful trek, we finally made it to the top. The scene we saw just reaffirmed our accomplishment. It was beautiful. The scenery was lovely and the environment was pure. I felt like a huge feat was achieved. One should embark on this road trip as it is a wonderful experience in itself.