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This mountain in the Shivamoga Region is one of the most spoken about treks of Karnataka. There are two temples of the Mookambika Devi and the Adi Shankara Temple on top of the peak. These temples are both covered in between dense and misty forests and this is also an adventure when you visit these. There are two routes that you can choose from while trekking here- One is the Karekatte and the other is the Marekuttaka. The views and beauty around is wonderful and it is like a nature trail cum adventure trip here.
Vikhyath Vicky
Reached Kodachadri early in the morning, arrangements for jeep ride were made in between had a fresh up at the stream very next to jeep stand and started our journey to peak of Kodachadri, our journey was most adventurous through the hilly rocky terrain with hairpin bends thanks to Mahindra for making such machines which can easily roll over obstacles and reach destiny once we reach the destination of 8 odd kilometres we should further trek the remaining part of hill after which we can see Peeta of Shri Shankaracharya while on our way of trek we can have photo shoot too.After the trek once we reach back to jeep stand we further proceeded towards Kollur and then towards to Udupi (land of Krishna) as we had time to visit we went of to the St.Marry's Island where we had some time to chill and get one more photo session we were back on Udupi around 6pm and then further proceeded to visit Udupi Sri Krishna Temple and back to our hotel room and end the busy day.
Santy S
Start early morning have breakfast, register at forest office and start the trekReach Hudlumane and refreshing buttermilk. Continue trek to Hudlumane waterfall. Get refreshed and continue the trek. Reach temple site check into guest House and have lunch. Rest, talk and network. Have dinner and sleep sound.  I have planned for astrophotography here during summer visit. It's open dark outside the guest house.
vignesh waran
Kodachadri which is about 60 km from Udupi. A wonderful place for nature lovers.We started from Udupi around 2:30 pm ( 02.11.2019) and reached Kollur by 4:45 pm.Rooms booked in OYO which is around 1200 per room. If you need cheaper rooms check out mogambikai rooms in online which cost around Rs. 800.We visited the famous mogambikai Temple and prepared ourself for next day trip to kodachadri.Next day we left our room by 5 am and took a Jeep from Kollur ( regular Jeep's available near mogambikai Temple)Jeep costs 2800 per Jeep which accomodates upto 8 person and you will have to take passes to enter the hill which is 50 per person.Finally started our Jeep ride from Kollur , after travelling around 42 kms we reached the top of the hill by 6:30 am  which is a perfect time for sunrise view.Jeeps are not allowed after certain point we will have to walk for 2kms to reach the top of the hill to witness the finest view.We would be allowed for about 1.5 hours to return back otherwise we have to pay 200 Rs per hour to the Jeep. So, it is upto you.We returned back by 9.30 to Kollur.Other than kodachadri you can also visit jog falls , shimoga also. We returned back earlier since we had planned to visit agumbe on the same day.(#agumbe trip will be published shortly)Hope you would like the narration.Please share your views in comment.
Praba Prakash
Kodachadri is a hill station in the Western Ghats, located at a distance of 21 km from Kollur and 15 km from a village named Nagodi.