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Artisans Angkor

Gitika Saksena
Soak in the traditional crafts at Artisans AngkorThe Khmer Rouge years and those which followed were not the best for traditional culture. Artisans Angkor works to revive it, teaching artisan skills to young Cambodians. If your holidays need a culture fix, then this is the place to head to in Siem Reap. Take a free guided tour of the facilities and the traditional art and craft techniques. They have a wonderful shop too, for you to find that one special and beautiful souvenir.
With so many temples and places to visit, Siem Reap extends to the second day with a visit to the Ta Prohm, Phrah Khan and Neak Pean temples. After that we head to Artisans D’Angkor and the local market created in 1999 to provide jobs to the rural workers and artisans as well as revive certain Khmer arts and crafts. This is a great place to understand the local culture through its handicrafts as well as pick a souvenir or two to take back home (and support young Khmer artists). After completing the last day in Seam Reap we leave for the capital- Phnom Penh