December - August
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Phnom Bakheng

After completing Ta Phrom, we headed towards the Terrace of elephants, Royal Palace(it was there once), the pool (Sras Srang), sunset at Phnom Bakeng, etc. If you look at this place in the map, you would just find trees, because everything is covered in the shadows of these trees. And this time while we were exploring this complex, we lost Sandy. Everyone had reached the tuk-tuk but not Sandy. It was getting dark and we were afraid due to the fact that no one had phone with the SIM or the wifi-network. How stupid of me to expect wifi in a jungle? Ashwin and I decided to go back to the tracks through which we reached the roads. As we head towards Bapuan, there were many tracks heading in every direction and we started to think that Sandy might have taken some other track. But we continued with hope that he might not have reach this point and started yelling his name until we reached Bapuan and saw him capturing the photos there. Then we all headed towards the room and had dinner and slept. Some of the mates decided to go out in the night again, but few of us stayed. Because we do not want to miss anything the next day. Day Four - Adios Kingdom of Cambodia