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Vinayak Forest Rest House

Rajpal Singh
It feels good when people interestingly listen to your travel stories, because it inspires you travel more, also it gives you a feeling that “we are living a life that most people want to live”. By early evening we reached at Kunjakharak, here deep inside the dense forest, there is nothing but a forest guest house, a caretaker of the same and a kilometer away high up at the peak a watch tower. Sitting at the watch tower, gazing at the snow clad mountains of distant Himalayan range, feeling strong wind currents eager to take you away, watching raptors (Himalayan griffin, lammergeyer) flying below us, all these thing cannot be explained here, because few things are meant to be felt only. We spent there about two hours (best of our five days tour). By evening we were back to Vinayak forest guest house. Here we had a great piece of discussion with forest guards and ranger, and then we went for a walk in jungle towards a stream about 3 km downhill. We came back late in the evening and instead of staying in guest house we pitched out tent in nearby jungle.