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Rumtek Dharma Chakra Centre

So on the way to Gangtok, the first to be visited is Rumtek Monastery. It is said to be one of the oldest monasteries in Sikkim. It has a large campus along with a training institute. Its more of like Tibetan residential school and the dress code is of lamas. As for the location, the car will leave you at the gate wherefrom you need to walk-on uphill along the prayer wheels. There are quite a few articraft shops in between with merchandise of affordable price.
Gopish Monga
The next day I planned to visit Rumtek Monastery. It is one of the most beautiful monasteries that I have ever been to. The sheer peace and tranquility will leave you amazed. Preparations were being made for their festival and everything felt outstanding. I played with cute little monks. My heart knew no joy which was more than what I was experiencing here.
Sounak Ghosh
Rumtek Monastery, Gangtok: Rumtek Monastery, also called the Dharmachakra Centre, is located near Gangtok. Originally built under the direction of Changchub Dorje, 12th Karmapa Lama in the mid-1700s, Rumtek served as the main seat of the Karma Kagyu lineage in Sikkim for some time. When Rangjung Rigpe Dorje, 16th Karmapa, arrived in Sikkim in 1959 after fleeing Tibet, the monastery was in ruins. Despite being offered other sites, the Karmapa decided to rebuild Rumtek. With the generosity and help of the Sikkim royal family and the local folks of Sikkim, it was built by the 16th Karmapa as his main seat in exile.Rumtek is the largest monastery is in Sikkim and located 24 kilometres (15 mi) from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim.