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Tashiding Monastery

Somya Rakshit
Located at the South East of Yuksom, Tashiding Monastery is a sacred place where famous Buddhist festival called Bhumchu is hosted every year in the month of Feb-March. This festival is marked as the celebration of "The Holy Water Vase". At the start of the year the vase is opened and the Lama or monk determines the future. "If the water is to the brim, it foretells a year in which peace and prosperity will prevail. If the water is over the brim and is spilling, it signifies a year with natural disaster and disturbances. If the water level is low or almost dry it signifies famine."It took us approximately 1.5 hours to reach this Monastery from Dubdi Monastery.Capturing some Tashiding moments :
Sounak Ghosh
Tashiding Monastery, West Sikkim: This is an important monastery belonging to the Nyingmapa order and is about 40 kms. from Pelling. It lies nestled on the top of a hill that looms up between the Rathong river and the Rangit river and is surrounded by a profusion of Prayer flags that flutter in the air. Tashiding means “The Devoted Central Glory” and the monastery by this name was founded in 1641 by Ngadak Sempa Chempo Phunshok Rigzing who belonged to the Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Ngadak was one of the three wise men who held the consecration ceremony crowning the first King of Sikkim at Yuksom. It was extended and renovated in 1717 during the reign of the third Chogyal Chakdor Namgyal. 'Bhumchu Ceremony' or festival is a popular religious festival that is held on the 14th and 15th day of the first month of Tibetan Calendar.