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Dzongri Top Goecha La

Susan Halfhide
We got up really early this day, "3 am" early, to get to Dzongri top to get our first views of the approaching mountains. We made good time, and reached the top just in time to view the golden peaks - if we could see them!But as luck would have it, the clouds parted, just enough and just at the right place, for us to witness the sun's rays hitting the Kanchenjunga range & then Mt.Pandim, setting them ablaze. It was a magical sight, marred only by my laborious breathing from exerting myself a bit too much in my rush to reach the top in time.We waited a bit longer for the skies to clear, but that didn't really happen, so we soon made our way back to camp. While waiting for our morning cup of tea, the weather gods smiled on us, and we had our first sunny sky since the beginning of the trek. We also got our first clear view of Pandim, and what was in store for us.