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Geyzing is the capital of West Sikkim in the Indian state of Sikkim. The town is joined with the capital Gangtok by a metalled street. Geyzing is likewise associated with the West Bengal towns of Darjeeling and Kalimpong by means of Jorethang. A couple of kilometers north is the town of Pelling. The town has a huge Nepali population, and the Nepali dialect is the dominating dialect of the area. The town is perched at a height of around 6,500 feet (1,900 m). The town appreciates a mild atmosphere for the year's majority and snow falls sometimes in the vicinity. Other attractions include Pemyangtse Monastery built in 1640, rumored to be Sikkim's most seasoned and Khecheopalri Lake which as legend has it not a leaf is permitted to fly at this area. The town is the base for trekking in the Himalayas and professional campaigns to Mount Kanchenjunga.
Richa Upreti Karan
After exploring the south district, I started moving towards western Sikkim. Geyzing, 39 km from Jorethang, is the capital of the West Sikkim district. This quaint town is well-connected and has a some interesting places to visit. The Rabdentse Ruins offer a beautiful view. Glancing over the deep valley, from the top of the ruins, at the occult heights of the Kanchenjunga ranges is something to be loved and inscribed in memory. There are plenty of hotels here, so staying is not an issue. I stayed at the Ghonday Village Resort.