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Tsongmo Lake

Tsongmo Lake is situated 38 km from Gangtok and at an elevation of 12,400 ft, the ethereally excellent Tsomgo lake is an absolute necessity on each visitors agenda. A twisting street through rough mountain landscape and sharp cliffs takes you to Tsomgo, which implies source of the water in Bhutia dialect. It is heared that in past times, Buddhist ministers would study over the water's shade of the lake to figure the future. The lake is likewise of extraordinary importance for the Jhakris of Sikkim who assemble here every year on Guru Purnima. For the visitor, a visit to the lake offers a glorious excursion. Rides on colourfully designed yaks and donkeys are offered at the lake site, which additionally has a variety of food stalls serving snacks and drinks. Snowboots and gumboots can be rented here. Tsomgo lake is open for both Indian and outside nationals, however international guests must be in a gathering of two or more and need to apply for a guests license through an authorised travel organization.
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Changu Lake

Changu Lake also noted as the " source of the lake' in Bhutia dialect. Situated around 35 kms far from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, this quiet lake is situated at an elevation of 12,310 ft on the Gangtok Nathu La expressway. The lake has enchanting Alpine forests, which is home to some uncommon creatures like the Red Panda, Brahminy ducks and many more variety of birds. Between the month of May and August one can see a large variety of flowers sprouting like the Rhododendrous, different types of Primulas, Blue and Yellow Poppies, Iries etc. The lake is about 1 km. Long, oval shaped, 15 meters deep and is viewed as a holy place by the nearby local people. It's cool, serene water easily converges with the beautiful excellence around. The Changu Lake is adjacent to Gangtok, one can easily reach it after landing in Gangtok. Accomodation is very easily available in Gangtok.
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About Sikkim

Consumed by wanderlust, I have met beautiful people and explored faraway lands. In a crowd of hundred, some faces will stay with you, engraved in your heart. For they will forever be a reminder of the person you were at that particular moment.30 hours long journey to Siliguri, crashed at a friend's place to witness world's most delicious momos and home cooked food that I'd been craving for an eternity. Anmol Goyal 'We love youuu!!'Its suffice to say, Darjeeling kept up to our expectations of nature beyond the tea gardens carpeting the hills. North East monsoons had arrived in full form, we walked through the narrow lanes around the city, stayed at a budget hotel (Park Hotel) near bus stand to get a cosy feeling of the place and stared endlessly at the moving clouds above the mountains hiding behind the mist.Pemba Wazalingapa - You have a beautiful house. I wish I had one next to yours. Thanks for adding new things to our itinerary and sharing your 80s music collection! (Though my eyes were on your son's Pokemon collection)Hem Adikhari - The best anyone could do is to take people like us onboard and be kind in every way. You drove us to the corners of Sikkim, took the pain of being a generous host and most definitely introduced us to our culture in your own warm way! And Aditi, your daughter, added just the charm and innocence needed to it all!Phuchungla Bhutia - I couldn't help but overhear your story of Tinkitam in the cab. You my friend made a distant dream possible, the honesty and selflessness in your words made me realize a thing or two! Thank you so much for setting us up in the best homestay ever! (It was supposed to be a day only you know if it wasn't for you)Zig mey - You remind of the brash college days, challenging everything in my way no matter the result! You asked me if you could come over to Delhi and maybe I show you around? Well, after giving us an incredible tour of Baichung Bhutia's School and fun photo sessions, I'd be happy to take you around anywhere in Delhi! You're more than welcome!Sonam Dadul Bhutia (Baichung Bhutia's aunt) - You gave me a new vision about the women of this country, Selfless, strong willed, loving and oh so witty! I think it was the first time you had strangers living in your 50 year old wooden beauty with a view so majestic, that even monsters like us were changed into mellow beings overnight! You introduced me to so many things, from different fruits to the delicious chaang to even your own Bhutia Clan photos. I wish I could get Babloo (Cat) with me,though! It was our pleasure to have stumbled upon a village so humble and beautiful!Dikyi Sherpa - At my age, I wonder what all could do or not! I must admit, you humbled me thousand times over by just that one smile and a few words that we could exchange! Thank you for the best chai, chicken and wai wai!!Pravin - You are a really intelligent engineer! By far the best bargain hotel in Geyzing and the Chaang in a bottle, Thank you for that and so much more! All the history discussion about Invisible Soldier (Baba Harbhajan Singh), after dinner sessions and the spontaneous itinerary planning!North East India, Stay blessed with these lovely people.

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Best time to visit Sikkim is from October to May


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