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Jorethang is a noteworthy town in South Sikkim area in the Indian state of Sikkim. The town is perched at a height of around 300 meters (980 ft) above the sea level and has a mild climate. In January, every year, the greatest and most anticipated date in Jorethang's date-book is the Jorethang Maghe Mela. It is a noteworthy occasion, pulling in swarms of local people and visitors. It is said that the mela orignated from the "Agricultural Mela" that was held in Jorethang in 1955 for the first time. Several temporary shops offering and showing different items are set up for the huge number of individuals who visit the mela. It is an awesome blend of neighborhood social event and also current entertainment. Jorethang lies on the way to Pelling and is very well interconnected by private cars, buses and jeeps. Waterway rafting, trekking and touring excursions to local destinations are some attractions which are available here.
Richa Upreti Karan
Jorethang is a major town in the south district, 20km from Namchi. As a result of my interaction with the locals, I got to know about the Jorethang Maghe Mela, a major event, attracting hordes of locals and tourists. Gracious people, untouched scenery and an experience of a lifetime. I stayed at the Jalapa Riverside Resort Baigunay, Jorethang.