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Katao is located in North Sikkim (India) and is about 144 kilometers from Gangtok. Katao Valley is perched at an elevation of almost 15000 and is far from the center of Sikkim. With the mesmerizing view of snow topped peaks of the Himalayas, it is an opponent to the much looked for after Yumthang in beauty.The trek to Katao is not in the standard bundles of North Sikkim or Lachung visit. Visitor needs to visit the spot at a supplement cost. One needs to stay at Lachung on the earlier night. The next morning Yumthang Valley and Katao can be reached but a stay at Lachung is essential. Foundation is poor because of the zone's remoteness. Voter ID card/Driving License/Similar ID card is needed along with 4 passport size photo for applying for permit. It is recommended to visit in groups, by which you will manage to hire a tour operator easily.
Raviteja Govindaraju
Katao is the name of a majestic mountain, located 28 kms from Lachung and goes to an altitude of ~ 15000 ft. This peak marks the border of India and Tibet. It is easily the most spectacular peak I've ever been to. The views and journey to the top still feels surreal. The best part is a stunning waterfall at the top of the peak that feels like a dreamland with glaciers on each side of the fall and the gushing sound the water makes amidst absolute silence.
Kush Gupta
Next morning we had to start early to chase the sun rising from the Katao Military Base. It is around 2 hrs journey from Lachung. No vehicles or civilians are allowed beyond this point. The place in itself is a beauty which is covered with high snow capped mountain peaks on all sides.NOTE : Katao, Yumthang Valley & Zero Point are hard to be covered in a single day, thus we woke up at 4 am to start our journey as we had to return to Gangtok the same day. Also Katao is not a standard place of visit in package and we requested our cab driver to take us there for which he charged extra.
Raya Banerjee
katao is know as the switzerland of india and yes it is!! people don't usually visit this place but this is like heaven with crystal clear blue eyes, snow covered ground, fresh air and white pine trees (since they are covers by snow). honestly it was actually hard for me to believe that katao is a part of our hot and humid india.