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Rituraj Banerjee
Lingzey is roughly 104 km from NJP. 4 hrs by car. And we reached there by noon. The last kilometer is non-motorable I must tell you. So here is actually where you start your trek! This last stretch is a shady road under the canopy of pine-like trees. I could tell they were not exactly pines by looking at them. Even so strangely, there were tropical trees we generally find in plains as well, like bananas and all! On our way we had to seek permission from Sikkim checkpost as the road had bent at one point from the soil of Bengal to that of Sikkim. It was only a matter of some IDs and all that. The only shelter to stay in Lingzey back then was the Lingzey Eco Tourism of Mr Paudial, with whom we made great acquaintance later on in our trip. Lingzey Eco Tourism is actually Mr Paudial’s own house divided into two parts : one Mr Paudial’s stay and the other the guesthouse or the homestay as it is called. It had 4-5 rooms of which we had taken just 2.