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Travel with Trinadh
Day 2 : Mangan to LachenThe second day of the trip started for us with a lot of energy.It was a 70 kms ride to Lachen from Mangan.We could not start our trip as per the plan as Mangan is the last point where we have access to ATM’s or petrol pumpsand we were unexpectedly delayed at the ATM. After checking out from our hotel, we headed towards the petrol pump to fill our tanks and about 5-6 litres for the roads ahead.And with this we started the most exciting and sought after stretch of ride of our trip, the ride to Lachen.It was a pleasant sunny day with a slight breeze. The route towards Lachen was well laid. We took our first break near a waterfall which was scenic with the fall on one side and the Teesta river on the other. The environment was pollution free with a cool breeze and we could easily ride through these roads forever. We were also blessed with a slight drizzle once we started our journey after our first break. The ride through the mountains withrain and cool breeze made our day.
Mangan (Necessary stop for a fuel refill in our bikes :D)
Avik Sarkar
Gangtok to Lachung by shared or reserved taxi and one night stay there. The way to Lachung from Gangtok could not be anymore beautiful. There are a few waterfalls too where you can stop by stretch your legs and enjoy the fresh air and the sound of the waterfall that's crushing though the mountains and paving its own path.
Souvanik Goon
Mangan : The entry point to Lachung Lachen, Mangan is a base town before reaching the lesser known parts of North Sikkim. The town is also reckoned to be the market centre for northern Sikkim.