Mulkharka Lake 1/2 by Tripoto

Mulkharka Lake

Mulkharka village is the base camp for the trek. The village is about 125 km from Siliguri. From Siliguri, you can take a car and reach Pitamchen. From here, you can take a four-wheel car to Mulkharka village. You can also trek about 5 km to the village through the lovely jungle trails. It will take around 3 km to reach the village.
Mulkharka Village to Bada Ramitey, 14 kmStart early in the morning. Trek starts from the village. 30 minutes into the trek and you will reach the beautiful Mulkharka lake. The climb from the Mulkharka village to the Lake is quite steep. The sight of the lake at 8000 ft is quite mesmerising. The magnificent reflection of Mt. Kanchenjunga falls on the lake, along with the nearby trees. The colour of the lake was infact determined by the shadows of the trees that fell on the lake. You will find it to be an emerald green coloured lake. This lake is considered pious among the villagers. The place is quite serene and you can easily find your inner peace here. On the other side of the lake, there is a small temple.
The Rachela Pass Trek is an absolute visual treat. The trek begins near Mulkharka village, one of the most beautiful hamlets in the North Bengal region. The trek is through virgin forests of bamboo and pine that are hardly explored. The forests are thick and dense and you can really feel the silence of the forest here. And once you are at the Rachela top, you will be surrounded with rhododendron trees. Once at the Rachela top, you can get mesmerising views of the other important passes like the Jelep La and Nathu La, the Singalila and the Chola ranges. This unexplored trail through the Neora Valley National Park is actually a true gem and a perfect opportunity to get close to the nature.