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Nathang Valley

Bong Backpackers
Our beast was on the road again towards our next destination. It was gradually becoming dark. We rode ahead, and we passed through the unbeatable Nathang Valley. We came out from the car and enjoyed few minutes with the cold valley.After leaving Nathang, we drove ahead and gradually we were gaining more altitude. We could feel the temperature rising and the vehicle temperature display was dropping to Zero.Can't understand then how excited we were experiencing things we never would have planned for.We moved ahead and the terrain around changed to plain land. The view was awesome.
We moved on next towards Nathang Valley . Nathang valley was completely covered in snow .A hamlet located amidst serenity , the people there had usual chapped skin due to the year long cold and the winds . the view of the Kanchenjunga and the silk route was breathtaking.
Paushali Majumder
A hamlet of joy - serene and splendid!