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Okhrey is a small picturesque village on the way to Hilley. The distance between the two places is just 25 km.Okhrey has more options for staying than Hilley. Okhrey is a great place to stay in tranquility and experience the balmy weather of Sikkim. You can also view great sunsets from Okhrey.Places to stay at Barsey:Barsey has only two options for staying. There is the trekkers hut or Guras Kunj. It has two rooms and a long dormitory. There is also a Forest Barrack that provides accommodation. The Guras Kunj is however the better alternative.
Ava Mishra
Away from the milling crowd, this small village of West Sikkim provides a great atmosphere to spend some days in tranquility with its balmy weather and great sunset views.