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Phedang is a locality in Indian state of Sikkim.The path is pretty flat and easy, and takes you through the most extraordinary woods you'll ever see. The road goes over little brooks and past cristal-clear waterfalls, weaves through an enchanted forest full of bizarre moss-covered trees, descends into ravines swimming in the clouds of shape-shifting mist, and then goes up again revealing luxurious garlands of red, lemon-yellow, and pink blossoms of rhododendron in full bloom, as if you were witnessing a vast wedding ceremony. It is a very beautiful visiting spot which offers mesmerizing views. The place has few hotels which are not very luxurious but the basic facilities are available in these hotels. Most of the touristers visiting this place are trekkers. The people who love to trek, Phedang is heaven for them as it offers outstanding challenges and views during the climb. A must visit place for the people who have a passion for trekking.
Asmita Bhattacharya
We had our packed lunch at Phedang (10,500 ft). Post lunch, due to a major altitude gain, many of us started feeling a mild headache.
Riyanka Roy
It is located at some 12,000 feet from the level of the sea, and this can be a perfect location where you can take some rest and have some delicious lunch. After taking a rest and regaining the energy lead the path which goes towards the right. This path leading for some will meet to Kockchurang. The source of water is available from a stream which is located slightly lower on the path of Kockchurang.