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Thambi View Point

There was only one roadside shop where we tried to have some food. It was already evening, so we didn't get enough food. Only few plates of Momo and Maggi. It was not sufficient and we were still hungry as we didn't have proper lunch yet.Who cares, we are experiencing much more than a full plate of lunch. For such experience, we can easily skip a days lunch.
Driving ahead, we would reach Thambi View Point (altitude of 11,000 feet). This view point place is famous for the view of Silk Route road.As our vehicle was gaining altitude, dense clouds were also flowing in from different angles. We already started to have the feeling that we won't be lucky enough to get the view.The fear of failure came true when we reached Thambi. It was cloud all around. But still we enjoyed the view it offered.
Shubhangi Jeswal
The weather was not clear even the next morning and we had no option but to check out and leave for the old silk route. As we started our ride to the old silk route I could feel being on the zig-zag road but see nothing because of the clouds.
Disha Kapkoti
The day snowfall gave us the break we wished for.Dhupidara to Gnathang (11,500 ft- 13,500 ft).Distance: 9 km"Are we even riding today?" Everyone woke up with the same question in mind. The previous day we had left one of our guides, Bikash and the doctor on the trip, Nobin, some 3km below Dhupidara. No one slept well and Nischal, the 13-year-old rider on the trip continued asking everyone about Bikash and the doc. The road was blocked and the mobile signals no longer worked, and we were definitely in a fix.The drill continued for me and Manisha di, the organiser to fetch multiple cups of teas from the kitchen for everyone, getting our socks wet every time we stepped out on the snow. At around 11am, we heard the voices we had been waiting for. Bikash and Nobin had finally arrived after spending the night at an army camp down in Zuluk.It was declared a day off from cycling and we drove to a spot near Gnathang. The landscape was at its brutal best and looking at the beautiful snowscapes, we decided to walk along the last stretch.
Sreshti Verma
An hour after Elephant Lake, Sagar stopped us at Thambi Viewpoint. As my partner went on his photographic sojourn, I decided to adjust to the massive altitude alterations with hot Maggie and a boiled egg. From Gangtok, the vehicle moves very quickly from 5,200 ft to 14,000 ft and stops at 9,500 ft at Zuluk. I would suggest carrying Diamox and basic headache medications in your medicine pack.