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Thangu Valley

Yuvan Kumar
Next day morning at 7:00 we took our permits got signed by policemen at Thangu and headed to "Gurudongmar Lake"
Tanay Das
Bhunesh Bhaskar
Been there already ? So without further a due let's start our sixth day.Just like the water above we keep flowing in life until something incentivizes us to stay and enjoy the calm. Keeping philosophy aside, we're back to our second leg of the journey and as promised the best is yet to come in this itinerary.
Souvanik Goon
Thangu : A peaceful village, Thangu is in a way Indian Military base, where they stay for sometime get acclimatized.
Footloose Backpackers
Clean as a whistle, the Lake looks like the one from the fairy tales. Spend no more than 35 minutes here because the air is very thin and oxygen is less.After enjoying the blissful one hour at the lake, brace yourselves for a rough journey back to Lachung which is 113 km from Gurudongmar. On the way, you can stop at Naga Falls or Amitabh Bachchan Falls and enjoy the view.