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Tinkitam is a residential community in South Sikkim, India. The town is situated 45 minutes from the district headquaters Namchi. The town is being advanced as a visitor destination. Tinkitam is the birthplace of the acclaimed Indian footballer named Baichung Bhutia. Many individuals from his family still keep on living in the town. The economy of this town fundamentally concerns its cardamom ranches. Local people are basically of Bhutia and Nepali heritage. Nepali is the prevalent dialect. The town has a calm climate. The neighborhood contains special types of orchids and Paphiopedilum Faireanum and different orchids of the Cypripedioideae class, also known as "Woman's slipper". Tinkitam offers a perspective of a lethargic volcano of gushing lava that one can run over on the trek from Dentham to Tendong National Park. Most orchids close to this town are terrestrial, blossoming in October and November. The Temi Tea Gardens is very close to this place which is also the main tea home of Sikkim.
Baichung Bhutia
A 45 minute drive from Namchi, Tinkitam is my birthplace and a village I love to call home. Though it is still developing as a tourism spot and you may not find any of the luxuries you are looking for, it is a lovely spot to cut off from the world and just relax for a few days. It is the kind of solitude that I miss while I lead an urban life. Take lots of walks around the surrounding villages, acquaint yourself to the local Sikkimese people (who hardly speak anything other than our Nepali dialect) and take in the panoramic views without having to jostle for the perfect photo ops with other cameras. In addition, look out for the rare species of orchid Paphiopedilum Faireanum or Lady’s Slipper which has its natural habitat here.