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Tsongmo Lake

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2. Tsomgo Lake, Baba Mandir & Nathu la-
Amit Kumar Sharma
Tsomgo lake and Baba Mandir: Next day I went alone as Ayana(my travel partner) left early for Bangalore. The place was too crowded, people were getting pictures clicked with Yak. If you have visited North Sikkim, you can avoid visiting to these places. I did not get pass for Nathula so didn't get chance to visit. Driver enquired me did you come alone and got perplexed when I said yes. Driver later invited me to special chicken lunch in restaurant where we stopped so finally boring trip ended on good note.
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Soham Chakraborty
After travelling for a few more kilometres, we reached the Tsongmo Lake (popularly known as Changu Lake). It was my third time here but Tsongmo looks as fresh and beautiful as ever! A couple of my friends took yak rides here while I was tried to get some nice photographs of this wonderful place!
Footloose Backpackers
Some points to remember when visiting East Sikkim:• Check with the locals to find out if there is snow at the pass. It is covered with snow almost throughout the year but fresh snowfall adds to the problem.• Carry two to three pairs of socks, for they will get wet easily if you play in the snow. Change into the dry ones lest you want to get a frostbite.• Carry your ID cards for verification. Carry photocopies too.• Woollens will be required. Even the jackets and overcoats are given on rent.• Avoid wearing sarees and suits. Wear pants or jeans because it becomes freezing cold at the top• Request: Do not click photographs where the camera is prohibited. Respect the privacy of the Indian Army.To know the details of our entire trip, click Sikkim Itinerary.For further information, click here.