New Jalpaiguri 1/53 by Tripoto

New Jalpaiguri

Debarghyo Sengupta
Trip starts from NJP(train) or Bagdogda(flight). It was a 4-5 hour journey to Gangtok. The roads are really nice. I am sure you will enjoy your ride through the Sevok road which is a long stretch of road with teak plantations on both sides. After that starts the winding roads as you climb up alongside river Tista. On your right you will see the huge Coronation bridge which stands as a huge arch over the river valley. You will cross a checkpost at Rongpo which is the entry to Sikkim. In another hour from there you would reach Gangtok. Modes of transport: Book a car , Share jeep, Bus. (4-5 hours journey)You can rest on that day and roam about on MG road. Do some shopping at Lal market and enjoy steaming momos.
By Train: New Jalpaiguri (NJP) is the nearest Railway head. From NJP, you will get shared as well as private vehicles.
Rituraj Banerjee
We stayed overnight at Lingzey and the next day we headed for NJP.
Rituraj Banerjee
We reached New Jalpaiguri (NJP) station which is probably the only gateway to north Bengal. Just like the homestays we had also booked the cars from Kolkata itself. You could also take sharing cars but it is better an option to hire a car to yourself if you are more in number. The roads from NJP to Lingzey are distributed through forests, tunnels, villages and markets, brooks and streams, and what not. In fact, the river Teesta accompanied us for a long time in the beginning. The roads are steep but we made peace with them through stereo, conversations, naps, photography, and everything fun! Our driver, who happened to be very cool guy, chatted with us throughout the way. And I kept on writing down my thoughts in my notebook once in a while.
Abhra Ghosh
The second day began with the news : Train is running late by 1.5 hours. Seems very normal, thanks to Indian railway. At around 10 am finally we reached NJP. We had a pre-booking for the tour. The driver was very punctual, and was waiting at NJP station from 7:30 am in the morning. You can book your cab and trip from NJP station also, but that's not preferable in my opinion.
Dheeraj Kumar
Time to Take-offOn day 5 we were just roaming around the local markets at lal bazar and MG marg. We checkout of the hotel by 1 pm and our pickup was ready to drop us at NJP Railway Station. We reached at NJP by 5 pm. A lot of good memories we brought with us are to be missed. :-)This was all for our sikkim tour. As we planned for a short trip but we enjoyed a lot. Pelling and Gangtok has its own set of beauties . Due to land slides we cudnt make it to Changu lake, Baba Mandir and Nathula Pass as roads were closed since 3-4 days. Hopefull next time we will cover what we have missed.If you are going in a group of 4 people or more , maximum upto 12-13k will be sufficient per person or less than it as per your budget. So must visit and take the good memories.
Dheeraj Kumar
DAY- 1Proceed towards the West - Pelling, SikkimWe started from NJP Railway Station by 11 am. If you want to come by flight then the nearest airport is Badgodra Airport which is 9 km away from Siliguri.  You can always avail private taxis and shared taxis to Gangtok,  Pelling and other local places. As it was my first trip to Hill Station so i was pretty excited as we moved towards high altitude.  It was just amazing to watch those places,  roads at high elevations.
We reached at about 8:30 in morning. We were surprised and happy to see the sunny weather. But when we came to know that the road to Gangtok is still jammed, we decided to off for Darjeeling with no hesitation and option as well.The ride from the NJP railway station to Darjeeling was smooth and relaxed. We took a halt at a Restaurant. Had some Momos , and it's not for the excitement, but those were one of the best Momos we ever have.
Anupam Debnath
We got down from the train and booked a cab (they are in plenty at the station). We reached Ganktok in 4 hours where our friend and driver Sonam Sangpo was waiting for us.