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Kedarkantha Bace Camp

Ananya Bisht
On reaching the campsite, we all got busy chilling out in the snow and soaking in the view. After having our lunch we went inside our tents to take some rest and gear up for the next day. Later in the evening, Mr Praveen checked our Oxygen and Bp levels which we all got very excited about. Serioulsy, it felt nothing less than passing an exam. Post dinner, the trek leader briefed us about our next day plan and we collected our gaiters, crampons and tuck for the next day.Day 5- KK Base Camp(11250 ft) - KK Summit(12500 ft) - KK Base Camp(11250 ft) - Sankri(6450 ft)After waking up at 2.30 am in the morning, we sat down for our breakfast and started the trek by 3.30 am. We layered ourselves with warmest clothes, put on the crampons + gaiters and started walking.Our trek leader asked us to return back to the base camp, in case if someone feels sick or uncomfortable. Our group started crawling in the snow braving the chill air. It was pitch dark and we could only spot a distant string of lights in the snow trail.
no plan district
We started Day 2 with hot soup and oat meal, light and fulfilling breakfast. The ascend today will be short and will have more moments to soak the beauty of this place as now we would be able to see much wider range of peaks. The climb remained steep as the trek was unfurling in all its glory. We could see log of woods resembling occult faces. It felt like we were lost in woods yet found in time. We could see Black Peak (6937 mt) in the distance which looked as audacious as the name itself. After 2 hours into the trek, the difficulty level was slightly upped as we now had to pass through different gradients of snow. Slippery snow gave us the first moment of truth since we were trekking without crampons which meant that next few days would be even tougher. But isn’t that something we love about trekking? It challenges us beyond our foresight. It challenges us to accept things the way they are. It makes us a firm believer of destiny.After trekking for 4-5 hours, we reached the second campsite of this trail that is Kedarkantha Base Camp. We could see a large bunch of India Hikes and Renok Adventure groups that had their camps placed in symmetry. Since the view from KK Base Camp is wide and panoramic, we decided to find a campsite somewhere in the vicinity. After looking for various options of leveled ground, we finally pitched our tent atop the last hump, in divine seclusion. The air pressure was high and cooking anything seemed farfetched. But when survival is in question, we better come out all guns blazing. After struggling for an hour or so in the winds to light the stove, we finally decided to place a big wooden log inside the tent and light the stove there.
Vikas Vashisht
finally, the base Camp was here nd the view was Remarkable all with white beauty again prefeered Location was Selected to set Camps. Me & my frnd helped the team to Set the camps, collected woods for Night camping - as the Night grows the sight becomes more Charming with the milky way and sleeping on the snow tents was a Challenge still we managed.
naman jain
At 7 am, we heard some screaming outside our tent. Not the bad screaming, the happy one. I came out and saw the most beautiful thing ever. It was snow fall and it was in abundance. There was no better way, this trip could have ended. It was so heavy; our tents were completely covered with snow. We started to play, enjoy the very first view of it and clicked a lot of pictures. We had our breakfast and left for SANKRI in that snowfall. Eventually the snowfall became so heavy; we felt an avalanche might come. Sometimes we won’t be able to see what is in front. As the snow was fresh, it was slippery and out of total 20 people that we were, only 3 of us didn’t fall at any point on the whole route. I am proud to say, I am one of them.
naman jain
We got up in the morning and were instructed how to go toilet from now on. The instructor was the second person after my mom to do so. There were toilet tents, with toilet seats and after we were done with our business, we had to put soil on it using a shovel. Your hands sure get dirty. We left for Kedarkantha base camp around 10 after having our breakfast. It was around 5-6 hours of trekking. This was our best day of trekking, or as we thought. Our first stop was at JUDA KA TALAB – a frozen lake with snow at the back of it. We were given like half an hour to slide on it, take pictures, eat it, search hidden gold or anything we wanted to do. The pictures describe the rest.