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Kedarkantha Peak

this was our summit day,it was a long day we had to ascend around 3000 ft to reach the peak.walking slowly we captured beautiful moments ,had few conversations
we started our day fro julota.the path was fully covered with snow and full of rhododendron trees which you get to see above 9000 ft,snow was deep down to 2-3ft
Ankush Vettle
"Life is either challenging your limits or nothing " I find life this way when I'm amid nature.Fascinated by above lines I always think some sort of adventure. From my perception an adventure can be anything that gives you a moment of elite happiness that just can't be felt when you're happy or laughing.For me adventure always comes in hand in hand with mountains. Trekking is something which gives me happiness even when I'm in pain. I read recently that "if while trekking we keep on thinking about the happiness of being on peak and not enjoying the pain and sweat of journey then we're missing the most important part of adventure" that implies on life too.I have trekked various peaks in last few years, but one that still gives me chills while remembering of days of Kedarkntha. Trekking to 4000 mtrs or 34 km to and fro in less than 30 hours is remarkable joy to me. Hey I'm not a professional trekker or something, i trek with childhood friend, we did this trek without any professional gears, without any guide, without any involvement from travel company. We plan  the trips, routes everything on our own. You may find the description of trek as moderate on many sites but it's not the case when you're planning and doing all the stuff on your own. It's literally tough and exhausting to do trek kedarkntha on your own. One third of you can achieve with slightest of discomfort, but next two third of we had to be on the verge of discomfort and exhausting.At the same time people will ask that why to do something gives you discomfort and this much exhausting.And I'll answer that in that span of time you'll be disconnected from all your issues which are giving you discomfort and frustration everyday. Your sole aim would be to conquer that peak.The treak was inspiring and challenging. Few minutes after start, thoughts in our mind were negative, we felt discomfort at the very start but our motivation was high and we kept on going, capturing the landscape mountains in our lenses and in our memories, we reached the base camp with a negligible amount of energy left inside us. The sight of peak from base camp was mesmerizing. We set our tent with sun setting down and spine chilling wind blowing. The stars at night made me felt as if I'm in outer space, stars were talking and moon was gushing. It was heaven indeed. Next day at morning 2:30 am we started again, and this time peak was our target. The dawn looked so beautiful, all the pain, cramps paid off this place and sight worth it.I'll suggest everyone to take these adventures once in months or years but do this, do disconnect yourself from world and try to find the peace in the lapse of nature!At last i want to add some line which i wrote when we were on trip. ना कोई घर ना आशियांना है  मेरा, हिलते  पत्तो पे ठिकांना है मेरा, कभी  तेज कभी मधंम हम  झूमते रहते है, ये ऊडते परंदे हमे हवा कहते है |||
Ruchika Jain
Me as a YHAI Group leader including 57 members reached the Kedarkantha Summit successfully on 1st jan 2018. Kedarkantha trek , is the most popular winter trek in Indian Himalayas. Which is at 12500ft, (Latitude: 31.02257 ) , temperature -18 and produces 360° panoramic view of Himalayas.