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1 out of 2 attractions in Sinquerim
The main Candolim Beach goes along and then takes a turn to form the smaller beach known as the Sinquerim Beach. This is just adjacent to the Taj Vivanta Hotel and Inn which is also the nearest attraction from the Aguada Fort here. One of the most beautiful beaches here, the two main reasons for this being so are that it is not very crowded and secondly the crowd is good here. This is because this beach almost seems to be a private property of the Taj Hotel and so most of the people here are guests at the hotel. There are also massuers who will try to convince you to take their service but you have to keep them away with your own skills. There are food shacks also over here.
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Now it was still 4:00 Pm. So we decided to visit Fort Aguda. We can get a magnificent view of Panjim through the fort. The fort was basically a jail long time ago. It was too hot in Goa at that time. We sat for a while at the fort and then decided to visit the sinquerium Beach. It was time to relax. We enjoyed the cool breeze at the beach and after some time headed to a restaurant which was at the beach side. Now I must say it was such a pleasant experience. Facing the beach with a view of moon light reflecting on the water, cool breeze, a silent music and your people; it was such a beautiful phase. We didn’t want to go home. Now everybody was so tired so we didn’t go to club instead decided to party at the flat itself. Went to the flat, did some chit-chat and what we see is “It was raining”. The day was thus over.
16. Sinquerim BeachFamous for ‘Portugese’Aguada fort and Taj Vivanta, this beach provides clear water and chilled beer.
Sinquerim Beach:On the way to Fort Aaguada from Candolim you will find it. Sunrise is insanely beautiful here. And scuba diving lovers you can’t miss this.
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From the beach we could see the Fort Aguada and infact a part of the Fort Complex, was situated right at the beach. It definitely is a photographers favourite spot to capture some of the best shots of the sea, the horizon and beautiful Sun setting down and casting its shadow on the sparkling waters of the Arabian Sea.
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4) Being a photographer, get a chance to pose in front of Camera
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3) Encounters with Foreigners in Goa
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2) Go and see scenic view of Sinquerium Beach
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Sunset at Sinquerim Beach
I planned to visit North Goa today, as Goa trip is incomplete without some of the very famous places from north Goa.#Dolphins Dance And Endless Sea View
Small yet popular. Sinquerim beach houses a few luxury resorts: Taj Vivanta and Taj Holiday village resorts, to name a few. The spotless beach owns a few shacks serving amazing seafood with good music. Just order a chilled beer and Toodle-oo your worries away.
A freshwater spring within the fort provided water supply to the ships that used to stop by. This is how the fort got its name: Aguada, meaning Water, a highly popular spot to watch the sunset, with uninterrupted views both north and south.
Sinquerim beach: This is a right place to capture amazing photographs and I would simply say it's one of its kind.Food!! Fish!! Pomfret!! Kingfish..How can I not talk about Goan food when talking about Goa. I did get to taste the best of Goan food which includes: Pomfret fish, King fish, Fish curry tali and so on..I want to discuss a few of the best places I ate:
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less crowded than Baga, Calangute. There is Sinquerim Fort on this beach which has splendid ocean view! Vivanta by Taj is on this beach! oh boy, the sunset we experienced here was one of the best in Goa. The breeze, the ocean, the perfect-painting-like-sunset..You can also do the watersports here.
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Beautiful views forts, beaches,resturents, adventure sports
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best place for water sports in north goa!
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This is a cheaper option for a homestay compared to the much hyped,expensive and touristy options at Calangute Beach, and it is not very far from Calangute.
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The Sinquerim Beach is stunningly beautiful and quieter than the other beaches of Goa. The soft sand of the beach makes it the best site for evening walks. Tourists here get to enjoy the magical of the Arabian Sea. The beach is marked by a number of wooden boats, belonging to the fishermen of Goa. Fort Aguada is very closely located to Sinquerim beach.
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One of Goa’s newest destinations is SinQ Beach Club, which made its presence felt on the circuit hosting 2012’s Afterburn events, the post-parties to Asia’s largest electronic dance music festival Sunburn Goa. With four bars, a pool-side lounge area and a private balcony apart from its restaurant-lounge and dance floor, SinQ isn’t what you’d call ‘small’! Located in Sinquerim, the place also hosts brunches and retro music in its special Irish-pub-meets-Goa ‘Taverne’.