Tripti Pandey
August is the month of festivals and party in Spanish calendar. Unlike India, villages and towns have their own festivals and their way of celebration. Every last Wednesday of August Buñol is your one stop to Tomatina. We reached Buñol,around 8.30 in the morning, dressed up in white T-shirt and pool goggles for eyes. The chaos of thousands of people and many Indian faces around made me feel at home and we walked inside the village in the main street. This festival is kicked off with a very ‘Govinda Ala Re’ type ritual…. The task is to climb up on a greasy pole and to take off the peace of meat on the top and this ritual is strictly performed by the Buñol natives. Till the completion of this challenge, a perfect body squeezing massage and loud cheers of typical Spanish song ‘ole,ole’ can be availed.