Tana rata  1/1 by Tripoto

Tana rata

Vicky Chong
I couldn’t help thinking that when I complete this 5 km route, I am almost at Tana Rata of Mt K. The total route that was planned is 10 km. We started only at 11am and stopped often. It’s good being ignorant at this point, for then we didn’t have to worry about being still stranded in the mountains without lights, until a group we met warned us about it. They had started in the opposite direction at 9 am and expected to complete at our beginning point at 4 pm. So we were way too slow. They advised instead of doing the full 10 km, that we should take a shorter route to go down, saving us 1.5km. My leader agreed. So thinking that we were now saved, he assured us we could take our time. So we posed for hundreds of of photos, had picnic. The green forest gave way to grass land at the ridge. The lalangs were indeed beautiful. As we walked further along the ridge of the mountain, we saw signs warning us of wild cows. I am not very sure how these cows happened to be here but their presence keeps the pastures trimmed and green.