Thane West

The much awaited, impromptu trip that we did not plan on, we could not foresee.
The Trip of Resurrection, a trip which should have happened a year back, a trip that we promised which would happen, a trip that we needed to tick off our list, a trip that haunted our thoughts and other destinations that we covered.
As we approached Mumbai, we started to face the reality. It was so hot here that we regretted leaving Pune's weather. One more journey ends and many more to come...
Thane is not only the city of lakes but also becoming the City of malls and Cafe's. With cafe culture growing around, Thane has some beautiful Cafe's located within the city that you should not miss visiting. Here are 5 Best cafes in Thane that you must visit if you are in the city.
Pratik Jena
It is a place full of apartments.It is the developing area in Mumbai.Though i have not visited but i have heard that an amusement park tikujinawaadi is situated near this region.