CNE 1/1 by Tripoto
This is a yearly exhibition that lasts 18 days. There is so much to see and do it is clear why they hold it annually! I can't write about everything there is to see, but I can write about the things I saw! First off - the amusements! If you are a fan of small cuddly teddies, or even gigantic fluffy companions as big as you are, there are so many stalls where you can win some! Yesterday, myself and my group of companions won a small fluffy teddies, two smurfs and a unicorn (clearly I kept the unicorn - you know how I love them, being a huge fan of the film 'Despicable Me' - sooooo flufffeeeee!!!') As if the stuffed animals weren't enough of a delight, this was the sight from all angles - the CN tower watching over us in the distance. I love the CN tower. I love how it changes the whole of the Toronto skyline! Inside one of the large exhibition centres were some sand sculptures. The meticulous nature of these blew my mind. I can't imagine ever being able to create something so wonderful out of anything, never mind sand! I loved this one of a man watching time. It is so wistful in it's nature and I love these open ended types of art that leave you with more questions than answers! After wandering around and looking at some of the stalls (and also after having purchase some delicious smelling lavendar sachets for my drawers and to add to my tumble drying and some red velvet fudge for my lovely Luke, who is quite partial), we watched some of the acts. I am unsure if readers have been keeping up with the news coverage regarding the CNE, but there have been 150 cases of food poisoning from the food market, which was isolated to the 'cronut' burger stand. We sat right next to it to eat our dinner, but thankfully our tummies are feeling healthy as ever! Finally, we inspected the agricultural area. I loved the alpacas and really loved that their wool was on sale.