Kensington Market 1/1 by Tripoto

Kensington Market

This is one of the only parts of Toronto (aside from Lakeshore) that I actually prefer in the summer. Simply because in the summer, Kensington Market is a bright, vibrant place that spills out into the streets with astonishingly cheap and marvelous vintage clothes. In the winter, however, many vendor's wares were, for the most part, safely stowed behind innocuous doors that seem formidable. I hate entering little shops without knowing what is in them because I always feel obliged to purchase something, where as when items are on display more accessibly, it is much easier to browse. I also hate that sales clerks here are always so ready to help you and follow you around stores, informing you of deals etc. I find it so intimidating. Aside from that mini-rant, it is so worth going to Kensington Market, even in winter the bright colours of the houses and stores brighten life up a little bit. There are so many bargains to be found too. Along the colourful street, I spotted the prettiest blue house. I could live there. If it weren't in the city of course!