Lakeshore Boulevard East 1/1 by Tripoto

Lakeshore Boulevard East

Luke and I decided to go down to Lake Shore, Toronto. Every time we go past there it looks so nice and yuppy with people blading or cycling. We are the least yuppy people in the World so we wanted to sample a bit of it! It wasn't actually anything like what we thought it would be. For a start it was breathtakingly beautiful. Lake Ontario stretches forever as blue and vast as an ocean, but still and peaceful as a bath. The sandy beach stretches along the lake and along the city forever. We sat down on a bench on the sand to eat a take out burger and soaked in the sun for a long time. It was like being on holiday with all of the families milling on the beach and the lovers lying on the pier in the distance. There is such a resort feel to it all.