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It is located on the summit of Tungnath at 13000 ft and means when literally translated "Moon Rock", it is said to be the place where Lord Rama meditated after defeating the demon-king Ravana and also the place where the moon god spent his time in penance.
Albana Nadeem
So we started walking towards Chandrashila, I suggest to not choose this trek on Monsoon season because it will risky, like literally can be dangerous to your lifeWell, by god's grace nothing happened to us, just some small slips and falls on the mud but yeah, we made our path up as the rain has destroyed the path completely.Here are some amazing footages from the Chandrashila trek.
Mohit Behl
Shashank Sinha
Chandrashila, The Moon Rock.It is believed that Lord Rama meditated at Chandrashila peak after defeating the demon-king Ravana.We followed the trail & greeted a few travelers who were descending. The plan was to reach the summit in 1 hour from Tungnath.
Day 4: We started for Chandrashila summit at 3 am so that we could reach there by the time of sunrise. It is well defined road till Tungnath temple. We started in dark, as soon as slowly the light brightening up our it was such a beautiful walk with snow caps getting golden crown as the sun starts to rise. After Tungnath temple the trail is rocky and muddy but it is not difficult or too steep. As soon as you the reach the summit it is such a amazement, the mountains all around you would stump you. Pictures would just show you how it is to be there but you need to be there to experience that moment.
Prashant Upadhyay
At around 3:45 and straight away started to trek toward Chandrashila in order to witness the sunrise from the peak. Since I love to click photographs and all those of you who have interest in photography know very well that the very best time to click a photograph is either sunrise or sunset. So I order to get the best possible shot I climbed up toward the peak. Its just a 1 km long stretch from Tungnath but trust me it's not that easy though. And the rain last night made the rocks really very slippery and risky. But finally I reached there in about a little less than an hour. The view from the top really was one of the best thing which I witnessed in my entire life so far. I stayed there for another hour and started  my trek downwards. Comparatively moving downwards is a lot easier that climbing up so I was just running downwards which I really don't suggest to anyone. Because it's better to be late that never. *PunIsIntended* I came down in next one and half hours just because I waited a while to have breakfast in the middle. And after that I followed the same route to reach back to Haridwar. And luckily got a bus to delhi from there and was home by next morning at around 6 AM.Overall it was a wonderful experience and if you are somewhere close to Delhi positively just pack your bags find a long weekend you will defenately love it.I have even made a video of this trip. Hope this helps you as well.