Chandrashila 1/127 by Tripoto
It is located on the summit of Tungnath at 13000 ft and means when literally translated "Moon Rock", it is said to be the place where Lord Rama meditated after defeating the demon-king Ravana and also the place where the moon god spent his time in penance.
Rituraj Banerjee
Chopta to Chandrashila (via Tunganath) to Chopta (8 km)Chopta to Chandrashila is a moderately difficult trail with sharp climbs. Tunganath temple is just about 2 km from the village of Chopta. Another 45 mins of trek and comes the Chandrashila peak.
Next destination was Chandrashila, which was only 1 KM from Tungnath, trekking difficulty level was moderate. Ascending to Chandrashila was adventurous, there was no path to follow, just look at peak and chose your path.
Aakansha Mehrotra
The trek was pretty tiring and though it was just 4 km, it felt like never ending walk towards Tungnath Temple which was at the base of Chandrashila. With every step we took forward the air got thinner, less oxygen, temperature dropped to -4 and even our sweat froze on our faces and yet we felt more alive than ever. The trek continued to be steep and difficult because we had to literally climb the snow covered mountain. There was a moment when I felt like a "white-walker" trying to reach the other side of the wall. After so many halts and slipping and falling on snow we reached Tungnath temple and this felt like an achievement. It was beautiful there but we couldn't take a long pause here as it was already 5.30 and we had to reach Chandrashila peak.
Harleen Kalsi
The trail to Chandrashila peak will tire you out, but the trek is planned as such that you will summit at the crack of dawn. This means the last night of 2016 will be spent looking forward to a day of ascend.
Mayank Goyal
1. ChandrashilaChopta is one of the most beautiful and picturesque spots in the whole Garhwal. The breathtaking view of the Himalayas is treat to the eyes and soul. Waking up to a view of the mighty Chaukhambha peak just outside your tent is an experience of a lifetime. Lush green grasslands around this peak provide several spots for pitching your tent. Try to stay away from edges as wind speeds at night could be really high. Highest altitude: 4000 meters
Sreshti Verma
The trek from Deoriatal Lake to Chandrashila Peak is considered the most beautiful winter trek in the Uttarakhand Himalayas. The gradual ascent on snow makes it ideal for beginners and the beautiful campsites are ideal for families wanting to step out to interact with nature. From the summit, you can even see the mighty Trishul peak.The first basecamp, also the starting point, is in Sari. From there you trek for one hour to reach Deoriatal, a beautiful lake, and camp at Rohini Bugyal the next night. On the final day, you summit the Chandrashila Peak, exit via Tungnath to Bhrujgali and then descend to Chopta.
Ashish Bhardwaj
Today, she is standing at the top of a mountain and appreciating the majestic panoramic view of mesmerizing Himalaya. As a kid, she used to look up in the sky and wish for wings to fly up to the mountains. And now after a long wait of many years, she is standing here and living her dream. It’s the moment when she can’t believe her eyes because what she always dreamed of has come alive. She looks with amazement as if she’s witnessing a miracle. It is the moment of her life. She just wants to feel it. There are beautiful clouds below her and there are snow clad mountain peaks emerging from those clouds. The white peaks shining in blue sky among white clouds look like glittering diamonds to her. The view of the large lush green meadow surrounded by mountains under blue sky with a rainbow circling the horizon has put her in a state of tranquility. As the sun starts drowning in the horizon, the sky begins to boast his mystical colours. The beautiful mix of pink, orange and red looks like creating a twilight saga. She opens her both arm and takes a deep breath to entwine with the nature. The glimmering rays of moon are paying tribute to her by kissing her warm cheeks and her eyes twinkle in bright moon light. She raises her face towards the moon and senses the flood of memories which she wants to unleash. The cool breeze lifts her ruffled hair and blows her skirt up. She closes her eyes and breathes deep as if she wants to let her know that she is finally here and then she opens her eyes and finds herself on the same wheelchair inside a room with an empty wall in front of her eye. Tears roll down from her eye but these are the tears of Joy because she is living her dreams today. The feelings come to her mind while waiting for her daughter who is coming back home today after her first expedition of a high range mountain.
Zaianna Ortiz
India is incredible for so many reasons but among them of course is the opportunity to find yourself reveling in the site of ancient wonders. I’ll never forget the moment I stood at the top of Chadrishilah, 4,000 meters up in the sky. Sillouhettes of endless mountain tops in gradients of blue soft sky lining our 360 degree view of the Himalayas. It was around 7am as we laid down on the patches of green earth between the collection of rocks near the Shiva temple. The sun felt great on our bodies and our smiles were just as picture perfect. We couldn’t hide our happiness as we exchanged glances instead of words in hopes of preserving the sites calamity. You wouldn’t know by our glistening grins that we were all pretty exhausted.We had started climbing the day prior at around noon, hitting summit right before the sunset. Our legs were tired as we arrived at the last village before the tippy top. Shacks with tin roofs stood side by side as a few of the local mountain men sat in front next to the refreshments they had available to hikers. We took turns ringing a gratifying bell that symbolized our summit before taking a peek into an active temple, where we received blessings in exchange for a few rupees.Our plan all along was to camp outdoors but as quickly as the sun began to lower, so did the thermostat. In a semi-panicked frenzy we asked the monk at the temple where we could stay the night. He led us to a set of rooms in front of the temple and quoted us a hefty price. To my dismay, (I was already wrapped in the blankets when the boys told me) we would keep it moving to find a more affordable option. A few steps below us a mountain man offered his one room shack stuffed with 4 beds on one wall for the five of us at a cheaper price, we agreed unanimously asking him for blankets and closing the door behind him shutting out the breeze. The beds were wet having collected condensation from the varying temperatures at this altitude. We all shared a bottle of rum and whiskey and chattered the night away distracting each other from how inescapably frigid it was. Our host prepared us some dahl, aloo, rice and chapatis which were so delicious after having downed so many shots of warming liquor just before.In a fuzzy haze we fell asleep on our wall of beds, sharing our damp blankets and neccessary body warmth. As our limbs got cozy and we sniffled and sneezed into a comfortable position, I remember thinking, how lucky I was to have such awesome friends who despite being in the freezing cold on wet beds we knew that this was part of the journey to the top and that we would rough it out together without complaining one bit.Truth be told, I had only met these 4 guys that I was now having a bromantical sleepover with the day before. One of them, Bam, I had met through instagram a week prior. He’s an avid trekker and nature lover whose pictures of the Himalayas had me in awe. I left him a comment asking him where he shot a few of his pictures and the next thing I know, we’re hiking buddies. The trip had been a blast so far starting with driving the 6 hours from Rishikesh to our first camping spot at Tungarth jamming to their American oldies playlist as our car spiraled up the narrow curvy roads. There’s something about roadtrips, mountains and oldies music that brings light and joy to my soul.Fast forward to the next morning, we had no choice but to wake up at sunrise. There weren’t any buildings blocking the sun, only brightly lit white clouds all around and direct rays into our shanty room. The good news was, the sun’s warmth was back, the bad news – I was so hung-over. I never drink which is why I hadn’t thought about how much harder the final stretch of hiking would be with whisky and rum sitting in my stomach. Nonetheless, we strapped our shoes and went at it. I was by far the weakest link and at one point I even considered telling them I would wait for them there and let them go up. Thankfully, we stopped a few times to rest and take in the view while my womanhood kicked in and I got up the stamina to make it up the rest of the climb.I practically dropped to my knees when we finally made it. The atmosphere was sparse and stoic. Quiet in an epic way where you understood what was being said by the silence. I sat in meditation and felt the clarity of the space around me. No wonder monks would retreat to these heights of glory. When it was time to descend, I realized this was a memory I’d treasure for the rest of my life. I’ll never forget this trip. The day my romance and admiration with the Himalayas began. She’d kick my ass on the way up before letting me enjoy her beauty and elegance but without thinking twice, I’d keep want to come back for more.
Oliur Rahman
Around 2 km before chopta i found some camps. To be continue....
ayukta dwivedi
Chandrashila peak is located in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Chopta serves as the starting point to reach Chandrashila which involves around 5 km of trekking. People mainly undertake this trek because of its moderate difficulty level, to visit the Tungnath temple which is the highest shrine of Lord Shiva and to gaze at the breathtaking view that the peak offers of the various snow-capped mountains in the Himalayan range. However, I won't be surprised if someone visited this place to wake up in the presence of sheer beauty and seeking to resolve inner conflicts in the Wordsworthian fashion.
Samridhi Sukhani
This day was particularly not really good because of few reasons but we still enjoyed a lot .So we started around 8am . (Yeah we missed the sunrise) . But no regrets . Sunset was too great. So we walked upto the 13000ft chandrashila trek . Unfortunately, it was all foggy so we did see the 360· view but it was all foggy so no mountains or anything but it was still a grest feelings . We sat , experienced the feeling, click some photo and climbed back . Took our lugguage . Went down. Back to chopta . Had tea . Now we went all the way back to rishikesh But story mai twist hai . Our car was taken by police as some documents were not complete . We argued, fought  n cried for 2hrs . Nothing happened . Finally, booked a non ac car and started our journey from Rudraprayg at 8pm . It was terribly raining amd the route we all know is a bit dangerous to drive at night . We ate our last meal at 11am , so we all got really hungry . Finally after everything we have been through atlast We reached rishikesh at 12am.  Booked a hotel. And the foood came to us around 1.30 and finally at 2am night , we had our meal . After that , we partied till 4 or 5 . Slept like a baby till afternoon 12.
Chandrashila is at a distance of 1.5 kms from Tungnath and requires a steep climb from Tungnath..Bone chilling cold and wilderness all around this region makes it even more adventurous for travellers and tourists.It is one of the best places in the Himalayas in India to witness the Sunrise amidst of Peaks like Trishul,Nanda Devi,Chaukhamba and Bunderpunch..It is even possible for tourists to touch these clouds as they surround this place over all..These clouds looks like raw cotton being arranged in packs.
Nabanita Roy
Tunganath-Chandrashils: 1.5 kms Early at 4 a.m. we started our trek through the edge of the hill. It was dark but the moon lit up the road for us. Reminds me of "Silver" by Walter de la Mare. It was just my mom, dad and me. The road was not clear ahead of us because it diverged into two paths. One goes to Guptkashi which goes downhill while the road to Chandrashila is uphill. We had to literally climb to avoid the snow blocking the road. Please do not try walk over the snow. You might slip and fall. Remember the road is steeper. You might have to take the support of the alpine moss. They are really strong and helped me find shortcuts. I was ahead of mom n dad, a complete new experience of understanding the way up to the summit where there was no one else to guide. Finally, after 1.5 hours we reached Chandrashila, the rising sun's rays fell on Chowkhamba and enlightened the entire valley alongside. The summit is a 360 degree view point flaunting the Himalayas on one 180 degrees side and their shadows on the hills on the other. The only thing present at the summit is a Ganga Devi temple, a small one. Feels joyous to that the days first bell was rang by me, day's first visitor; the first witness to ethereal beauty and grandeur of the majestic Himalayas. From here was trekked down to Tunganath, took our bags and trekked back to Chopta. We were lucky to experience a great sunny weather and hence the colours I saw while comming back was dynamic.