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Preferably during evening
Relax, Cycling, Boating, Water Scooters
All year
Families, Couples
5 out of 87 attractions in Udaipur

Fateh Sagar Lake

Fateh Sagar Lake is one of the many beautiful lakes located in Udaipur. It is a must visit not only for its natural beauty but also for the amazing water sports it has to offer. For a complete experience, there are a lot of fast food joints here as well to enhance the taste buds. The locals normally visit the place for a peaceful morning walk here in the clean and fresh air. The place is only a couple of kilometres from Lake Pichola and can be combined in the plan on the same day. The lake is clean and serene. The activities here include boating, cycling, water scooters and more. You can simply take a walk here to enjoy the moment as well.
Vikram Mn
The second day we took an auto, went to Fateh Sagar Lake which had quite a few water activities. But we didn't use them as we had enough of it in our Andaman trip. Opposite to it was a small garden where there was nothing but a museum telling us about Chetak, the horse and Kumbhalgarh fort and its history. Not a great one that.
Raj Kaneria
Fateh Sagar Lake: Serene Lake
Leisure Traveller
On the way back to our stay we saw Fateh Sagar Lake. we didn't stop here since we were exhausted . This seemed to be a good place to take a walk in breeze with a cup of hot tea/ coffee.
After the long walk and a short snacks break with chips and cool drink I bid adieu to the fort on my way back to Udaipur with a goal of reaching sajjangarh fort for sunset. I was so into the plan that I was cruising at the highest speed without any breaks even at the corners. It was so intense that I escaped couple of close accidents, crashing on muddy roads and skidding off the road and almost dashed into a tree. I was lucky to get away with just a bruise on my left hand fingers with snapping on to the leaves of the trees. It turned out to be touch and go. It felt as if the road had increased and the sun was going down quickly. I could see the sky turning from whitish to yellowish and then to orangish while I was on the same stretch of road going as fast as I can. It was around 5 pm and I crossed village after village and was on the last stretch for Udaipur. By the time I was near to Udaipur it was around 6 pm and it was getting late for sunset. I was near to sajjangarh fort but there was a hill to cross and I couldn't make it on time. So I skipped it and went on my way to fateh sagar lake followed by badi lake. I enjoyed some time near the lake looking at the colours in the sky when the sun was scattering orange colour from behind the mountains.