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Fateh Sagar Lake

Fateh Sagar Lake is one of the many beautiful lakes located in Udaipur. It is a must visit not only for its natural beauty but also for the amazing water sports it has to offer. For a complete experience, there are a lot of fast food joints here as well to enhance the taste buds. The locals normally visit the place for a peaceful morning walk here in the clean and fresh air. The place is only a couple of kilometres from Lake Pichola and can be combined in the plan on the same day. The lake is clean and serene. The activities here include boating, cycling, water scooters and more. You can simply take a walk here to enjoy the moment as well.
Sukhmeet Singh
Fateh Sagar lake located at north of the Lake Pichola in the city. Named after Mahrana fateh singh and was built in late 17th century. The lake has 3 small islands from which the largest is the Nehru park, it can be reached via boat and ferries, a boat ride is recommended, especially in the evening. The garden comprises of a boat-shaped restaurant and is a favorite picnic spot among tourists and locals to relax and unwind. On banks of this lake, there's long chain of food&drinks vendor and shops, making it a very lively place to hang around even after the sun sets. A lovely romantic walk in the night there would be cherry on the top.
Nisarg Pandya
If you have some time left in a day then you should go to Saheliyo ki Badi and Fatehsagar lake. Fatehsagar lake is another lake of the city and is one of the most happening places of Udaipur. Full of water and mountains and beautiful city view around with eateries and cafe nearby makes it choice for youth. Having the road all around the lake with walkway on the periphery of the lake gives you a space to enjoy a walk in the evening time.
Aastha Sharma
I would suggest you spend your evening at Fatehsagar lake. There are numerous eateries adjacent to the lake where you can please your stomach. It is a beautiful place for photography also. We sat beside the lake for around 1 hour.
2. Fateh Sagar:-It is also sometimes called as ‘Heart of the city’ or ‘FS’ by local people. FS is the most happening place in Udaipur. No matter what time of day it is, you can always visit the lake and have a bewitching sight of serene blue water. My suggestion:- Go for a camel ride across the lake. Multiple boating options are also there, if you are a sporty person you can take motor boat ride. If you are with your family, you can plan for a row-boat and a visit to a garden in between the lake called ‘Nehru Garden’. Sunrise and sunsets will leave your mind-boggling! Gol Gappe, chaat, sand-witches, lake side Maggie and many more options to eat while sitting or walking around the lake. Don’t skip a sip of coffee ???? Oh my god! I want to go there NOW Priority:- Top most priority. It is due to this lake, Udaipur is known as Second Kashmir of India! Need I say more?
Design Pandits
You will find lot of eateries as shown in the below picture. Check out the shops behind the cop. You can treat your taste buds at these eateries while your eyes witness the colourful sun set.
Urvashi Rana
Visit Fatehsagar lakeOn the second day, I visited FatehSagar Lake, which is about 5kms from the main city and the second artificial lake of Udaipur. It is a major tourist attraction for the locals as well as people flock to enjoy boating , roam around in the Nehru park Island-situated in the middle of the lake and a popular picnic spot. As compared to Lake Pichola, Fatehsagar lake is bereft of any hotels and buildings and you can watch the beautiful Aravalli Hills surrounding the lake. One can enjoy street snacks , especially the Kulhad Rabri at the multiple food stalls present there.
Kundan Singh
This delightful lake, bordered by hills and woodlands, lies to the north of Lake Pichola. This artificial lake is connected to Lake Pichola by a canal.
Nandini Ramesh
Boating in the Fateh sagar and Pichola lake are most memorable! We did Fateh sagar under moonlight and Pichola during the late afternoon. The cool breeze that kisses your cheeks make you want to stay on the lake permanently. The views of the different islands are superb and the City Palace standing tall on the banks of the Pichola lake looks majestic indeed. While you are at it, visit the eateries along Fateh sagar. They have road side seating with excellent views of the lake and all stalls serve the same kind of street food. The pav bhaji and cold coffee were delicious.
Shruti Mehra
Fatehsagar Lake .. One of the fascinating lakes of the city offering views of the mountains.. Sunset views..
Rohith T V
Fateh Sagar Lake was built later in late 17th century by Maharana Fateh Singh. It is located north of Pichola Lake in the city. Within the lake, there are 3 islands which houses publica parks and a Solar Observatory. Swaroop Sagar lake is a smaller lake in the city which connects both Pichola and Fateh Sagar.
Khilna Haria
     An artificial lake named after Maharana Fateh Singh which was constructed in 1680.Its unbelievable that a huge lake is been constructed and it is one of the four lake after Lake Pichola, Lake Udai Sagar & Lake Dhebar. There is an island Nehru park inside the lake which is a tourist attraction.     We  had a speed boat ride in lake followed by camel ride and then went to Shilpgram.
Praveen Gupta
9. Before you say good night and good-bye to the city, grab a hot coffee at the lake Fatehsagar (Open until 11 pm). Lake Fatehsagar is flooded with youngsters, buzzing around the coffee shops and fast food restaurant on lakeside. Weather is pleasant in night and a hot coffee makes it even better.Note: There are few other lakes and places near city like Udaisagar Lake, Badi Lake, Ekling ji, you may go to these places only if you have a second day, else this itinerary itself will give you a high! :)
Praveen Gupta
1. Start your day with a warm sunrise at Lake Fatehsagar; take a stroll or brisk walk along the lakeside. There are proper paved footpaths all around, go beyond them, along the road circumference the lake. Remember the night scene in Bollywood movie Yeh Jawani h Diwani, it was shot on this road. In fact, most of the movie shooting was in Udaipur, including the wedding venue Udai Vilas. You can have tea and Poha at the lakeside.
Then I headed for the Fateh sagar Lake. Surrounded by the Aravalli hills from the 3 sides, the lake span over a few kilometers.In between the lake is the Nehru Garden, a boat can take you there. One Solar Observatory was there on the lake like an island. I talked to one police man, how can I visit there. He replied with no one can visit that place but the officials. He was amazed to know that I came from Delhi all along on a bike and Alone :) The feeling that arise when people get amazed with your doings tells you that you are doing something different.
4) Fateh Sagar Lake: - Boating.
Next day morning we visited places like Fateh sagar lake, Rani ki Baori, Maharana pratap bagh and statue etc. The city palace fort and museum was the major attraction and was maintain at highest level.
Sanjna Vishwanath
Sight seeing at Udaipur includes visiting the lakes and also the major markets of the place which gives a hand to hand access the the local souvenirs of the city. The highlight of place remains the Maharana Pratap Samarak, situated right amidst Fateh Sagar Lake.
Akshit Aggarwal
Don’t get fussy about all the lakes, after all it’s the city of lakes – be it man-made or natural. Here’s one which was built by Maharaja Jai Singh and is around the Rana Pratap Memorial. It is the source to the fountains in Sahelion Ki Bari as well.
Bhargavi Rathi
The after sunset effect makes this lake one of the most beautiful and divine place. We have coffee in mud cups, one the must have things in Udaipur at this place
Himani Sheth
Fatehsagar Lake is one lively place. Just roaming alongside the lake, it is something like a little fair, with boat rides, camel rides and a lot of different food stalls. I walked around the Fatehsagar Lake, camera at ready. The hustle and bustle of the people around just fills you up with a different kind of energy. After a bit of roaming about aimlessly, I stopped by to get Rajasthan’s famous ‘matka kulfi’ (A kind of ice-cream) from a nearby vendor, who happily posed for the camera going along with my excitement to document every bit of my trip. While at the lake, I had a little chat with some of the locals, who then told me about the Sajjangadh fort and Biological Park that was carved out of a mountain. This whole ‘carved out of a mountain’ bit seemed quite fascinating to me. SO I decided to make Sajjangadh my next stop and off we went.
Gautam Modi
According to me, it’s the life blood of Udaipur. After watching this I felt that the city don’t even need the Beach. The almost incredible fact about it is – It’s an artificial, a man-made lake and built in a much planned way. It is embellished by three small Islands which can be reached by taking a boat ride in the lake. It takes in a Nehru park, a boat shaped restaurant and a small zoological garden for kids. The island is the famous picnic spot of Udaipur dwellers. Also round the lake you will find the awesome street food to consume. It’s a must Visit if you are in Udaipur.
Achal Gupta
We arrived at Udaipur at around 4 PM and most of the Forts and Palaces were supposed to be closed for tourist by 5 PM. We quickly checked in into a hotel surprisingly awesome hotel specifically meant for Firangs due to off season we got a good deal. We decided to relax a bit and then head toweards Fateh Sagar lake which is famous for its snacks shops and young crowd. It is quite remarkable spot for relaxing and a evening stroll. The light fountains looks superb and it gives the chance to look at other side of the coin. Udaipur gives the vibes of being an old city with forts and small streets but this lake and surrounded area narrates a different story altogether. After spending some time roaming around the lake and tasting the yummy street food We decided to head towards a famous Rajasthani Themed Restaurant for dinner
Anubhav Tyagi
Fateh Sagar is one of the major lakes of the city, a big park – Nehru Vatika is present on an island in the lake. Boating in the lake was a pleasant experience considering the heat. In 1687, Maharana Jai Singh first constructed the lake but two hundred years later the earthen bund which formed the lake was washed away during floods, and thereafter Maharana Fatah Singh, the ruler of former Mewar State, reconstructed it in 1888.