The 'Mighty Fateh Sagar Lake'


The 'Mighty Fateh Sagar Lake'

Photo of The 'Mighty Fateh Sagar Lake' by Intutive Heart

Since childhood, I always have a fascination towards lakes, mountains and you can say moreover towards greenery. I love nature. So, during my visit to Udaipur, I got an opportunity to visit Fateh Sagar Lake and unveil this very serene and peaceful place through my lens.

Fateh Sagar Lake is a huge man-made lake built in 1680s and is one of the most beautiful lake, possessing a calm demeanor. Unlike Lake Pichola, this Lake feels closer to nature. Comprising of three small islands and surrounded by scenic views of the mighty Aravalli Mountains. Ah! It’s lovely.

One can feel an immediate connection with the nature while walking on those beautifully laid pathways around the lake. It’ll make you believe on the quote ‘Journey is more beautiful than the destination’.

Besides the picturesque view, the place also witness numerous activities around lake for kids and senior citizens and one can easily spot many localities here coming for morning and evening walks.

Also, there are plethora of eateries and food items available in the vicinity, with ample options, be it from Pav-Bhaji to yummy sandwiches or delicious cold coffee to ice cream /kulfi.

You can do boating, engulf yourself in camel ride, cycle around, or can just sit and enjoy the view of the mighty lake with some Kulhad Chai and Poha (the best one).

All in all, it’s a good place to spend evenings when you are in Udaipur.

I literally enjoyed every bit of it!

Points to be noted -

There is NO ENTRY FEE.

 Timings – 8 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

 Boat riding time- 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Boat Ride Prices:-

150 per person for Motor Boat Ride (Charges may vary as per the season)

220 per person for Speed Boat Ride (Charges may vary as per the season)

Glimpse of Fateh Sagar Lake through my lens -

Photo of The 'Mighty Fateh Sagar Lake' 1/6 by Intutive Heart
Swans enjoying Summers
Photo of The 'Mighty Fateh Sagar Lake' 2/6 by Intutive Heart
Cycling around Lake
Photo of The 'Mighty Fateh Sagar Lake' 3/6 by Intutive Heart
Serene Selfie place at Fateh Sagar Lake
Photo of The 'Mighty Fateh Sagar Lake' 4/6 by Intutive Heart
The Beautiful Fateh Sagar Lake
Photo of The 'Mighty Fateh Sagar Lake' 5/6 by Intutive Heart
Kulhad Chai is a must try , especially with a Lake View
Photo of The 'Mighty Fateh Sagar Lake' 6/6 by Intutive Heart
Camel Ride, if you want to have a flavor of Rajasthan

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