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Moab!! Where do I start?Salt Lake City, Utah has become my home for a few months now. There are lots of outdoor activities to do in and around SLC. One such place is Moab. Having heard from friends that the place has lots of arches, hence called the Arches National Park, we headed out to explore it one Saturday.
Priyakanth Manda
Day 9: Moab, UT — A 3 hour smooth ride south-east from Salt Lake City will get you to a place which lies atop a salt bed, believe it or not, which was the result of a sea evaporating over which sandstone was deposited giving it’s famous rusty red color. The beautiful Arches National Park. I don’t know if it sounds strange but US-191 is actually built on Moab Fault. ON a tectonic fault! I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like that!