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Better known as Deoria, this is a small town and one out of the 5 tehsil districts of Uttar Pradesh. The name is given after Deoraha Baba who was a very popular saint here. This town is on the south- east of Gorakhpur and the best fact about this place is that in spite of being much away from all modernism, the rate of literacy here is around 94%.
Nabanita Roy
From Chopta we drove to Sari, another small town. Sari is the base for Devria Tal. The tal is situated on the opposite side of the hill. The trekking route is 2.3 kms(approx) only but is tedious. We started off around 11 a.m. and it was a bright day. We literally sweated our way to the lake. It took around 2 hours because of the scorching weather. In the evening, the clouds started setting in. There were few spells of rain too. The night sky was glistening and the Moon looked round and beautiful. We slept the nights away in our tent in sleeping bags. NOTE: there are no hotels here, only tents available for night stay. Negi is a famous name in this belt. They provide shelter here for INR 1000.