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Sardhana is a town and municipality in the very famous Meerut District of Uttar Pradesh. This place is mainly known for its cloth industry and church. The place is very close to Hastinapur which is known as the capital of the Kauravas and Pandavas in the epic of Mahabharata and the Shiva Temple here is said to date back from vthat time. The main churches this place is known for are the Church of Begum Samru and the Greek Church.
Raj Gopal S Verma
Sardhana is a tehsil, and a town of the Meerut district, about 28 kilometers from the city. It is regarded as a holy place of worship of Catholic Christians, a beautiful church, constructed by Begum Yohanna Sumru. It does not figure on the itinerary of most tourists except the pilgrims bound for its famous church.