Named after Sikandar Lodi, the ruler of Agra during a part of the 16th Century, this place is mainly known as the Mausoleu of Emperor Akbar. He was the greatest of all Mughal rulers and he himself started the construction of this monument. As a sign of love and gratitude towards his father, Emperor Jahangir later completed this mausoleum after his father's death. This monument has the influences of Hindu, Islamic, Jain as well Christian architecture. The beautiful mosaid detailing looks really beautiful. The monument is made onb a base of beautiful red sandstone. There are marble detailings on this base of polygonal patterns which makes the deigns look bolder. There are also minarets here with beautiful mosaic and lattice work. Though there are four entrances of this place, only one is used for entry at present.
Gurdwara Guru ka taal