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Parmarth Niketan Ashram

Located in Rishikesh along the banks of the river Ganges and was found in 1942 by Pujya Swami Shukdevanandji Maharaj, this is the largest ashram in Rishikesh with provides a prisitine environment to pilgrims and with activities like yoga, daily satsang, kirtans etc.
Trupti Hemant Meher
दिन 10 .. ऋषिकेश टूर 😀। ऋषिकेश का दिन आगे बढ़ रहा था। लेकिन वो कभी खत्म ही न हो ऐसा लग रहा था।  पैदल चलते चलते हम राम झूले के यह आ गए थे।  पहले दिन ऋषि को स्कूटर से घुम लिया था । लेकिन आज तो पैदल ही देखना था । क्योंकि हर पल मैं यादों में बंद करना चाहती थी । राम झुल के पास आजु बाजू में बहोत सारी खाने की लोकल पदार्थ हम चख रहे थे। घूमते घूमते हम परमार्थ निकेतन में आ गए थे ।  वास्तव में, हम ऋषिकेश में यही रहना था।  लेकिन वह कोरोना  के कारण  बंद कर दिया गया था। फिरसे ऋषिकेश आने का और एक कारण मिल गया था । भले ही परमार्थ निकेतन बंद हो,  गंगा जी के शिव की मूर्ति को हम देखने मे गुम हो गए।  श्याम हो रही थी। और गंगा जी के साथ शिव शम्भो और भी निखार रहे थे।
Vedant Khanduja
Riding through Rishikesh's terrain for the whole day, I planned to finish it here. The famous aarti place in Rishikesh, Parmarth Niketan.
We reached Parmarth at around 1.30, we parked our car inside the ashram, their parking area is located at the backside, to reach there people need cross RAJAJI TIGER RESERVE which itself is a lovely drive, and if you are lucky enough then you can get the chance of getting a glance of few wild animals. We spotted few Langoors and Swampdeers.Finally we reached our destination, completed the formalaties and got the room. The price of the room was Rs 1000 (AC) with an impressive view of Shivalik range. The room was similar to, as of a 2 star hotel.We kept our luggage, got freshened up and then moved out of room to visit the ashram, as it is the largest ashram in the city, so it took us alot of time to see the whole place.All the corners of the ashram are clean and pure, one can attain peace of mind, there are numerous lush green gardens with variant flora around. It has almost 1000 rooms which are bifurcated into different blocks, we stayed at Ganga block. There are two categories of rooms AC (Rs 1000) and Non AC (Rs 800). Facilities provided are a blend of modern and conventional trend, with spirituality imbibed in everything. The place welcomes all types of guests and pilgrims from all corners of the world irrespective of any caste, creed or religion.During my stay, I felt like my whole body and mind has been completely revitalised , I did not experience anything more divine than this.Moreover, the ashram has a canteen as well, which serves fresh and healthy food at a very minimal price of , cost of one thali was Rs 70,(timings of the canteen are 6.30 a.m. to 10.30 p.m.)We had our lunch and dinner there only.
Pooja bhagat
Parmarth niketan ashram located near ram jhula on the bank of holy river ganga in the lap of himalayas in rishikesh.This ashram is largest ashram where people come from all over the world to learn yoga courses and to witness the ganga aarti in the evening around 6 pm.I seat for 2 hr on the bank of ganga and witnessed ganga aarti  . Experience of ganga aarti is one can't describes in world. You can't afford to miss this divine ganga aarti.
The nomadic girl
16th April 2019,After all the fun we had last day+night...We were all set for trekking actually me...  Because I'm too much into trekking that if i get a chance I'll surely climb up Mt. EverestThen we went onto a boat ride..  I really enjoyed the ride...  Lemme tell you one thing...  If you are in Uttrankhand and you haven't had the taste of momos then you are surely missing the taste of Uttrankhand...  Then we had our lunch at chotiwala restaurant near swarg ashram..  It is a must visit place, you'll be amazed by seeing the "chotiwala baba" sitting at the entrance welcoming everybody with a bell up... Then we attended Ganga Arti which is world famous.  We attended the arti at PARMARTH NIKETAN ASHRAM. It was so soothing that i actually felt pure inside.Then we changed our campsite to NEW GREEN HILLS . Then we had a dj night n planned thw trip to next day 😊