Sheikh Ershad
About 45 minutes later, a gigantic white wall behind the hills caught my eyes. I looked at Shaan, he was already staring at it and I nudged Manish to watch the Grand view. We were actually looking right at Kedar range, 6990 meters of sheer rock and ice. This was it; this was exactly what we came here for. The imposing Mountain range, untouched nature of the valley and boisterous river engulfed us in its splendor.We reached Kund, it was the juncture from where the road forked. The left fork had a bridge to cross the river and continued towards Kedarnath. The right fork was a steep climb, our bus turned right and kept climbing. We gained significant elevation in a few minutes. The valley now seemed bottomless and Kedarnath peak within the arm's reach. We reached Ukhimath at 4:30 pm and weighed our options. I suggested that we could try trekking up to Deoria Tal since we had quite a daylight left.