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Auli Laga Joshimath

Nmrtä Patel
Me and Troy left our guest room with essentials in a backpack packed for a small trek. We parked our car at GNVM and trekked up all the way till Auli ski resort huts. One can take the ski chair lift from GNVM till the ski resort for 300 INR per head. The man made Auli lake is adjacent to the ski huts and one can spend time sitting around it.We hiked up further till the upper terminal of the famous Auli – Joshimath ropeway. It is boasted as Asia’s longest spanning over 4km in distance. One can take the ropeway starting at either end for 750 INR per head round route and the ticket is valid for 3 days.
Nmrtä Patel
Also, since I travel a lot with him since our first time, I make it a point to never allow him onto the bed in a hotel and always lay a thick bedspread/towel on the ground for him to sleep on. Apart from being loving dog owners, it is important to be responsible because in a nation which is still not pet friendly, it is the onus of the dog owners to not make others around repulsed by their pet’s behaviour.
Anshuman Rajoria
&t=5show many girls in India can actually travel alone ? Its an attempt to boost more and more girls towards travelling, an attempt to make a better, a safer place for women where they can do whatever they want, they can travel wherever they want, without thinking much. While making this series i was not sure many girls would love it, i was afraid that many of you might say its a superficial show and India is not that safe like i have shown in the series, i am sure its not but i also believe these small attemts might change the mindsets. Have fun do comments !! GO GIRLS
Chaitali Chatterjee
Rishabh Dev