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Auli Laga Joshimath

Ria Biswas
The day started with us enjoying the snow in and around the Ski Resort till it was time for our return to Joshimath. I would say we really liked Auli Ski Resort and I feel it is the best place to stay in this remote location. There are definitely other options in Auli but most of them were way more expensive for us.
Ria Biswas
After reaching the ropeway station at Auli we walked for a few meters to the Chair Lift station. The chair lift is basically an open version of ropeway and hence way more thrilling. It takes you on a mesmerizing journey through the snowy slopes to Auli Ski Resort which was our home for tonight.We checked in to our deluxe rooms, had a quick lunch and headed to experience beginners level skiing. For this you can directly go behind the ski resort and you will find people waiting for clients. We took half an hour slot for Rs 500 per person and soon got geared up with extra heavy boots and skis. Intially all of us were slipping but after a few falls we got hold of the basic technique and managed to reach till endpoint on our feet. We enjoyed a lot and I feel everyone should give this a go when they are in Auli.
But once you are here you will forget everything,The view from this place is awesome and surely you will be lost in the view.
In the morning we booked Elevator ticket which cost around 1000 rs for two & reached finally we reached Auli. Everything was shiny & white and unimaginably beautiful!!! There are lot of activities going on in Feb and hence makes it a perfect month to visit....
For a minute there, I lost my self...that's what happens when you reach the top of Auli. You will suddenly forget yourself to find yourself.Auli in winters feels like the angels descended and made the earth, heaven for us. Every new year I pray to start in the laps of nature. And this time it was- Auli where I landed. Though reaching Auli is quite a long journey by road, but trust me it's worth it. Those bums might hurt from all the sitting, but they will thank you later for dragging them to this place. Travel Duration: 4 days 4 Nights (As it takes minimum for 15-18 Hrs to reach Auli from Delhi, keep some spare hours if you want to explore few other places around Auli.) Travel Budget: INR 15000 per person (Includes everything) Travel Mode: Train + Road (Personal Hired Car) We started looking for a good resort in October, and can you believe it the bookings were already full! Either they were too highly-priced or the place was too shady. We started looking for travel companies to help us with our bookings. After a lot of research, calling, TravelTriangle gave us the best package (pricing) we could ask for along with the resort of our choice (Blue Poppy, Auli). #GOBTip- Do your booking 6 months in advance to grab best deals.